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Thor Batista And Luma de Oliveira: Meet Lunara Campos: The Model, Entrepreneur, and ‘Princess of Chimarrão’

Recently, Thor Batista, son of Eike Batista and Luma de Oliveira, surprised everyone by sharing photos on social media celebrating the first month of his son’s birth, named Thor. The mother of his child is Lunara Campos, an entrepreneur and model. Let’s take a closer look at who Lunara Campos is.

1. Background and Achievements:

Lunara Campos, a native of Venâncio Aires, is a graduate in accounting. She gained recognition as the princess of the 10th National Chimarrão Festival in 2008. Additionally, she was a finalist in the Miss Rio Grande do Sul contest in 2011 and competed for the title of Musa do Sol in the same year.

2. Meeting Thor Batista:

Thor Batista • Eike Batista • Luma de Oliveira • Olin Batista • Grandchild

Lunara met Thor at a party in Porto Alegre. Standing tall at 1.80 meters with a 92-centimeter hip, she caught Thor’s attention. In an interview in 2014, Lunara mentioned how Thor’s familiarity with attention contrasts with her own. She highlighted Thor’s guidance on handling public attention, emphasizing the support he provides amidst scrutiny.

3. Relationship with Thor:

Thor Batista And Luma de Oliveira

Active on Instagram with 24.7 thousand followers, Lunara frequently expresses love and admiration for Thor. She appreciates his qualities and describes him as a wonderful man who fills her with pride and peace. Their son, nicknamed Thor II, born on January 18, is Eike and Luma’s first grandchild.

4. Social Media Presence Luma de Oliveira and her Family Life:

Lunara’s Instagram showcases her affection for Thor and their son. She celebrates milestones like Thor II’s first month, expressing gratitude for their happiness and the support of their family. The couple’s photos from the celebration went viral, sparking surprise among internet users over Thor Batista’s age.

Conclusion: Lunara Campos, with her background in modeling, entrepreneurship, and her relationship with Thor Batista, continues to garner attention on social media. As she navigates motherhood and partnership with Thor, her journey remains a topic of interest for many online observers, adding to the public fascination with the Batista family dynamics.

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