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Cissa Guimarães Opens Up About Departure from Globo Despite Public Approval

Cissa Guimarães, the famous actress and presenter born in Rio de Janeiro, returns this coming Monday, the 26th, with the prestigious program “Same Censura” (Without Censorship). The 66-year-old revealed that he was let go from TV Globo shortly after receiving positive feedback from viewers in a survey conducted by the network. Let’s get to know her exclusive details about her journey and what to expect from the show.

1. Public Approval:

Cissa Guimarães Public Approval
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In a surprising turn of events, Cissa Guimarães shared that she was the top choice among viewers when asked which presenter from the show ‘É de Casa’ they would most welcome into their homes. This positive feedback left her feeling optimistic about her position at the network.

2. Unexpected Departure:

Cissa Guimarães Same Censura
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Despite the encouraging response from the audience, Cissa Guimarães expressed shock at her dismissal. She was actively involved in a program that was on air and had received favorable ratings for her work. The sudden news of her departure caught her off guard.

3. Moving Forward:

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Guimarães maintains a positive outlook and holds no grudges against the network. She shared these sentiments during a video interview with a news portal on Saturday (24).

4. New Ventures:

Following her departure from Globo, Guimarães has been offered a new opportunity in television. She will be hosting the revamped version of the program “Sem Censura” on TV Brasil. The show is set to premiere next Monday (16) at 4 PM and will be broadcast live on the channel’s YouTube channel.

5. A Look Back at Cissa Guimarães’s Journey:


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Cissa Guimarães, originally named Beatriz Gentil Pinheiro Guimarães, rose to fame through her roles in Globo’s TV series and her captivating presence on “Vídeo Show.” Despite unexpected beginnings, she pursued her passion for acting from a young age and carved her unique path in the industry.

6. Behind the Scenes and New Beginnings:

Behind the Scenes and New Beginnings

In an exclusive interview, Cissa shares glimpses of her personal journey and the excitement surrounding her return to “Sem Censura.” Her unconventional upbringing and early aspirations shaped her determination to pursue a career in the arts, despite initial reservations from her family.

7. The Mission of Communication:

As a woman of faith, Cissa reflects on her role as a communicator. She sees her mission as spreading joy, positivity, and faith through her work. With a deep sense of purpose, she aims to uplift her audience and share her energy and enthusiasm with others.

8. What to Expect from the New “Sem Censura”:


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With a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm, Cissa is ready to infuse her signature charm and warmth into the revamped “Sem Censura.” While retaining the essence of the show, she promises exciting new elements, including guest panelists and engaging discussions on a wide range of topics.

9. A Personal Touch:

Cissa’s unique style and infectious energy will undoubtedly shine through in every episode. Her spontaneous approach and genuine connection with guests will create an inviting atmosphere where everyone feels at home.


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Conclusion: Cissa Guimarães’ story serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry. Despite facing setbacks, she embraces new opportunities with optimism and resilience, inspiring others to do the same in the face of adversity.

As Cissa Guimarães embarks on this new chapter with “Sem Censura,” she invites viewers to join her on this journey filled with positivity, insightful conversations, and, above all, lots of vibes. Don’t miss the grand premiere on Monday, the 26th, at 4 PM on TV Brasil. It’s time to experience the joy of uncensored communication with Cissa!

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