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Unveiling the Literary Magic of Taylor Swift: A Harvard Professor’s Journey

For many, Taylor Swift is more than a global pop sensation; she’s a storyteller, a poet, and a mirror reflecting diverse experiences. In a unique course titled “Taylor Swift and Her World,” a Harvard professor embarks on an unconventional literary exploration, delving into the singer’s lyrics, melodies, and the cultural impact of her art.

1. Personal Connection to Songs:

Taylor Swift A Harvard Professor's Journey

  • The professor shares a personal connection to songs, emphasizing their profound impact on identity and self-discovery.
  • Swift’s music becomes a narrative tool shaping the professor’s journey of self-realization and connection.

2. Literature Beyond Pages:

  • Distinguishing the course from others, it’s not a business or music production class but a literature course.
  • Examining Taylor Swift’s songs as literary works with emphasis on music, vocals, arrangements, and production.

3. Curriculum Overview:

  • The course, titled “Taylor Swift and Her World,” explores a broad spectrum of art, including songs by less famous writers.
  • Literary works by Willa Cather, James Weldon Johnson, and Alexander Pope complement the exploration of Swift’s music.

4. ┬áTaylor Swift’s Role in Identity Formation:

  • Swift’s songs resonate with the professor’s identity, privilege, insecurities, and the desire for acceptance.
  • Exploring the transformative power of Swift’s lyrics in the professor’s life, with a focus on relatable experiences.

5. Analyzing Swift’s Songwriting Techniques:

Taylor Swift A Harvard Professor's Journey

  • Swift’s use of melodies and chord progressions compared to a poet’s use of meters and patterns.
  • Highlighting specific songs like “Long Live,” “Betty,” and “All Too Well” for their storytelling prowess and emotional depth.

6. #MeToo Movement and Swift’s Lyrics:

  • Examining Swift’s anguished breakup songs like “Dear John” in the context of the #MeToo movement.
  • Reflecting on Swift’s journey as a teen celebrity navigating attention from older men, aligning with contemporary social movements.

7. Taylor’s Version and Reflections on Privilege:

Taylor Swift A Harvard Professor's Journey
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  • Analyzing “The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)” as an exploration of privilege, stability, and adulthood.
  • Encouraging contemplation on how individuals handle their privileges and express gratitude for upbringing.

8. Literary Parallels:

  • Drawing parallels between Swift’s lyrics and literary works, such as Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “Spring and Fall.”
  • Appreciating Taylor Swift’s unique ability to convey sentiments through music that transcends traditional poetry.

Conclusion: As the professor takes the stage at Harvard, they embark on a journey to share not just a syllabus but a formative experience. The article offers a glimpse into the intersection of literature and music, emphasizing the power of Swift’s songs to inspire, unite, and provide a sense of belonging. It’s an ode to the transformative magic that occurs when one listens with the whole heart and finds solidarity in the words of a songwriter who captures the essence of the human experience.

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