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Jenna Dewan Embraces Pregnancy and Parenthood: A Peek into Her Life

As Jenna Dewan gracefully enters her third pregnancy, the actor and dancer share insights into her journey, co-parenting dynamics, and the joy of expanding her family. Let’s delve into Jenna’s approach to pregnancy, her thriving career, and the magic she finds in both her personal and professional life.

1. The Excitement of Third Pregnancy:

  • Dewan, at 43, is expecting her third child, the second with partner Steve Kazee.
  • Expresses joy at entering the second trimester and relishing the pregnancy experience.
  • Highlights the difference between her previous postpartum experience during the Covid lockdown and the current, more vibrant period.

2. Jenna Dewan Career and Motherhood Balance

and Parenthood: A Peek into Her Life

  • Juggles pregnancy with shooting the fourth season of ABC’s The Rookie.
  • Credits the show as a dreamy and enjoyable workplace that makes working while pregnant more manageable.
  • Acknowledges the challenges of being a working mom but embraces the tiredness that comes with it.

3. Reflecting on Past Birth Experiences:

  • Recalls the birth of her son Callum in 2020 amid global lockdown, reflecting on the unique challenges and downtime.
  • Shares her contrasting experience with daughter Everly’s birth in London, including a planned water birth turning into a C-section.
  • Acknowledges the unpredictability of childbirth and postpartum recovery.

4. Magic, Spirituality, and Motherhood:

  • Reveals her belief in magic, incorporating daily oracle card readings and maintaining an altar at home.
  • Describes her affinity for spirituality as a tool for presence and grounding.
  • Reminisces about her childhood fascination with prayers and the mythology of Catholicism.

5. Dancing Through Generations:

and Parenthood: A Peek into Her Life

  • Everly, Dewan’s 10-year-old daughter, discovers a passion for Irish dance, surprising her parents.
  • Jenna Dewan becomes a dance mom, navigating the challenges of supporting Everly’s newfound interest.
  • Co-parenting moments with ex-husband Channing Tatum at Everly’s performances highlight their shared commitment to their daughter.

6. Navigating Co-Parenting:


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  • c acknowledges that co-parenting is an ongoing journey and emphasizes continually prioritizing her daughter.
  • Discusses the initial challenges of being away from Everly after her second child’s birth.
  • Callum’s excitement about the upcoming sibling adds a humorous touch to their family dynamics.

7. Anticipation of the Last Child:

and Parenthood: A Peek into Her Life

  • Jenna Dewan and Kazee choose not to find out the baby’s gender, savoring the surprise for their last child.
  • Expresses a mix of joy and sadness as she embraces the final moments of pregnancy.
  • Emphasizes the importance of cherishing each day, sipping tea and reflecting on her love for motherhood.

Conclusion: Jenna Dewan’s journey through pregnancy, career, and motherhood provides a glimpse into the delicate balance she strikes between her professional commitments and the joy of expanding her family. As she anticipates the arrival of her last child, Dewan’s story resonates with mothers navigating the beautiful complexities of life.

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