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Summary of Upcoming Episodes of “Abismo de Paixão” (March 18th to 22nd)

Chapter 86 – Monday, March 18

  • Lucio’s Intervention: Lucio tries to stop Horacio from fleeing but stumbles and falls. Dolores decides to go with Horacio to prevent him from causing harm.
  • Family Secrets: Paloma questions Ramona about Ramiro being her father, to which she confirms.
  • Confrontation: Vicente seeks forgiveness from Antonia and Bráulio, expressing his love. Bráulio urges his son to testify against Ramiro to bring him to justice.
  • Carmen’s Threat: Carmen threatens Elisa and attempts to take Damião away forcefully, causing chaos.
  • Legal Actions: Horacio provides testimony against Carmen and Ramiro, revealing their crimes.
  • Damião’s Dilemma: Damião finds himself in a dangerous situation orchestrated by Carmen and Ramiro.

Abismo de Paixão Chapter 87 – Tuesday, March 19 – Penultimate Chapter

Abismo de Paixão

  • Police Intervention: Elisa and Gael encounter the police, leading to significant revelations.
  • Carmen’s Downfall: Carmen and Ramiro face the consequences of their actions, leading to a dramatic turn of events.
  • Rescue Mission: Malu and Bráulio discover Damião in a perilous situation and seek help.
  • Emotional Reconciliation: Gael expresses his true feelings to Paloma, seeking forgiveness and a fresh start.

Chapter 88 – Wednesday, March 20 – Final Chapter

Abismo de Paixão

  • Closure: The final resolution brings closure to the characters’ storylines.
  • New Beginnings: Gael and Paloma embrace a hopeful future together.
  • Reflections: The aftermath of the events prompts introspection and emotional growth among the characters.


As the soap opera “Abismo de Paixão” reaches its conclusion, viewers can expect a culmination of intense drama, heartfelt reconciliations, and the promise of new beginnings for the characters. Don’t miss the gripping finale!

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