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Peso Pluma Goes Viral for Striking Denture Makeover: Photos and Mixed Reactions

Peso Pluma, one of the influential figures in the Latin American urban music scene, stirred up a buzz at the pre-Grammy Awards 2024 gala with his eye-catching dental transformation. Accompanied by Nicki Nicole, another prominent artist, the duo is known for grabbing attention whenever they appear together in public. This time, it wasn’t their musical prowess but rather an unexpected detail that stole the spotlight.

1. The Grammy Pre-Gala Look: Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma

  • Peso Pluma, the Mexican singer, sported an entirely new set of teeth, noticeably shiny and captivating. The Grammy pre-gala on Saturday night provided a platform for the duo to showcase their unique styles.
  • Photos circulated on social media, capturing Pluma’s bold dental makeover. His shiny metallic teeth became a talking point, drawing mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

2. Nicki Nicole’s Instagram Post:


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  • Nicki Nicole, Peso Pluma’s partner, took to Instagram to share a photo of her boyfriend proudly displaying his dental changes with a wide smile.
  • While Nicki seemed delighted with the decision, the bold choice received criticism on social media, with some fans expressing disappointment and questioning the transformation.

3. Past Styles vs. Current Denture Makeover:

  • Pluma had previously embraced flashy styles, including sparkling accessories. However, this dental transformation took his bold fashion choices to a new level.
  • Social media comments ranged from praising his unique style to questioning the change, with some fans expressing nostalgia for his previous smile.

4. Mixed Reactions and Hater Comments:

  • The new dental look divided opinions, with haters taking to social media to express their critiques. Comments such as “Peso Pluma’s only beautiful feature was his smile, it’s gone now,” and “What happened to his teeth?” were among the criticisms.
  • Comparisons were drawn between Peso Pluma’s current style and his past persona, particularly in relation to fellow artist Trueno.

5. Nicki Nicole’s Support:

Nicki Nicole

  • Despite the mixed reactions, Nicki Nicole showcased her happiness with Peso Pluma’s decision. She not only flaunted her current partner on social media but also shared multiple pictures with the singer.

Conclusion: Peso Pluma’s daring dental makeover at the Grammy pre-gala stirred up a social media storm, with fans and haters expressing varied opinions on the bold choice. As the images continue to circulate online, the Latin American urban music scene remains abuzz with discussions about Peso Pluma’s latest style statement.

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