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Republican Donor Sends “BI-DONE!” Banner Over Biden Fundraiser

In an unusual display of political rivalry, a plane bearing a banner with the sign “BI-DONE!” flew over a high-profile fundraiser in New York on Saturday. This event was attended by US President Joe Biden, who was working to secure support among Democratic donors after a lackluster debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

The Fundraiser and the Banner

Republican Donor Sends BI-DONE! Banner Over Biden Fundraiser

The aircraft, sponsored by a local Republican donor, made its way from Montauk to Sag Harbor, passing over the lavish fundraiser hosted by hedge-fund billionaire Barry Rosenstein. This gathering was part of Biden’s series of fundraising events across two states, aiming to mitigate a crisis of confidence in his re-election campaign following a disappointing debate performance that left many Democrats concerned.

Biden’s Response and Celebrity Attendance

Biden’s Response and Celebrity Attendance
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At the event in the Hamptons, Biden acknowledged his subpar debate performance but remained optimistic. He addressed about 100 supporters, stating, “I didn’t have a great night, but neither did Trump. I promise you we’re going to win this election.” The fundraiser was attended by notable figures such as hedge-fund founder Eric Mindich, his wife Stacey, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, actor Matthew Broderick, and actor Michael J. Fox.

Concerns Among Democratic Donors

Biden’s performance has led to growing concerns among Democratic donors. Many have been inquiring about the rules for potentially removing Biden from the ticket and replacing him before the Democratic National Convention in August. Some donors are even reaching out to First Lady Jill, hoping she can persuade her husband not to run.

Fundraising and Polls

Despite the debate backlash, the Biden campaign reported raising over $27 million between debate day and Friday evening. However, questions remain about the potential impact on future fundraising efforts. Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee had $212 million in the bank at the beginning of June, compared to $235 million for Trump and the Republican National Committee.

First Lady Jill Biden Under Scrutiny

First Lady Jill Biden Under Scrutiny

Following President Joe’s widely criticized debate performance, First Lady Jill has come under scrutiny. Some Democratic donors are questioning her support for her husband’s re-election bid. This controversy has been fueled by comments from her ex-husband, Bill Stevenson, who suggested that Jill has changed significantly over the years.

Bill Stevenson’s Comments

In an interview with the New York Post, Stevenson remarked, “The Dr. Jill Biden I’ve seen on TV in the last five years is not the same person I married or even recognize.” He expressed confusion over her continued support for Biden’s campaign despite his recent struggles. Stevenson, who was married to Jill from 1970 to 1975, has become a vocal Trump supporter and has previously alleged that Jill and Joe’s relationship began while she was still married to him.


President Joe’s recent fundraiser in the Hamptons was overshadowed by a plane bearing a Republican-sponsored banner and growing concerns among Democratic donors about his re-election prospects. As Biden continues his campaign, he faces challenges both from political opponents and within his own party, with questions about his performance and fitness for another term. First Lady Jill Biden’s unwavering support remains a focal point of debate, highlighting the complexities of political and personal loyalties in the high-stakes world of presidential politics.

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