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Joe Biden said something like this after the debate with Donald Trump – I may not be able to walk or argue like before, but..

The first presidential debate took place on Friday between US President Joe Biden and his Republican rival and former President Donald Trump. During this, both the leaders fiercely targeted each other. After this debate, President Biden said that he intends to defeat Republican rival Donald Trump in the November presidential election.

Trump did not give any indication that he would consider dropping out of the race despite his poor performance in the debate and disappointing the Democrats’ supporters.

Joe Biden shared his video

US Elections 2024: Joe Biden, Donald Trump
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Addressing a rally a day after a face-to-face debate with his Republican rival, Biden said, “I know I’m not a young man. I don’t walk as easily as before, I don’t speak as easily as before, I don’t argue as well as before.” As soon as Biden said this, his supporters started shouting slogans of “four more years”.

Biden posted his video on X and said, ‘Friends, I may not be able to walk as easily as before or speak as easily as before. I may not be able to debate like before. But I know how to speak the truth.’

Joe Biden put an end to speculations

Biden said, ‘If my heart or soul said that I could not do this job, I would not contest the election again.’ In fact, the way Joe Biden was seen stumbling many times in the debate has also given the message to the people that he may not be fit to complete a four-year term once again. Some of his fellow Democrats have raised some similar questions.

Election campaign spokesman Michael Tyler said that no talks are going on about this possibility. He told reporters aboard Air Force One, “We consider a bad night better than a candidate who has a bad view of the country.”

Joe Biden was seen faltering in the debate

During the debate on Friday, 78-year-old Donald Trump told many lies, but even after this the entire focus was focused on Biden, especially among the Democrats. When Democratic Party leader in the US House of Representatives Hakeem Jeffries was asked if he still has faith in Biden’s candidacy, he avoided giving a direct answer.

Democratic Party leader Hakeem Jeffries said, ‘I support the ticket. I support the Senate Democratic majority. We are going to make every effort to return to the House in November. Thank you all.’ Similarly, some other Democrats also objected to whether Biden should remain in the race. Democratic Senator Jack Reed, while talking to a local TV in Rhode Island, said, “This is the President’s decision.”

The former President is openly supporting

But many senior leaders of the party, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, said that they stand with Biden in support of him and will continue to do so. Barack Obama posted on X, writing, “There are bad debate nights. Believe me, I know. But this election is still a choice between a man who has fought for ordinary people all his life and a man who cares only about himself.”

The New York Times editorial board, which endorsed Biden in 2020, urged the Democratic Party to choose another candidate to give them a better chance of defeating Trump.

“The greatest public service Joe Biden can do now is to announce that he is not running for re-election,”

the editorial said. Joe Biden raised $14 million on Thursday and Friday as part of his campaign, while Trump’s campaign said it raised $8 million on debate night. The good news for Biden is that early viewership data from the debate showed that only 48 million Americans watched the debate, far fewer than the 73 million who watched the candidates’ last debate in 2020. Biden is the oldest US president in US history.

Donald Trump attacks Joe Biden’s statements

US Elections 2024: Joe Biden, Donald Trump
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At an afternoon rally in Chesapeake, Virginia, Trump told supporters, “I have won a big victory against a man who is trying to destroy our country.” Trump’s advisers said they think the debate will boost his prospects in Democratic-leaning states like Virginia, which has not supported a Republican presidential candidate since 2004.

Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy

Biden said, “Your freedom, your democracy and America itself are at stake in this election.” He said, ‘Trump is motivated by revenge. But the truth is that revenge never leads to anything great. Trump is a real threat to this country.’

The US President said, ‘He is a threat to our freedom. He is a threat to our democracy. He is a threat to everything that America stands for.’ Biden said, ‘Friends, now I will not be able to walk or talk as easily as before. I may not even be able to argue like before. But I know how to speak the truth.’

The presidential debate lasted 90 minutes

The presidential debate between Biden and Trump in Atlanta on Thursday lasted 90 minutes, which was organized by CNN. This first presidential debate, which usually takes place around September before the presidential election, took place several months earlier. In this debate, there was a heated debate on issues ranging from Israel-Hamas war, Russia-Ukraine war, America’s relations with China, abortion, gun violence, tax, inflation, unemployment, climate change and illegal immigrants.

Targeted on the economy

This debate started with the issue of rising inflation in America. Biden accused Trump that after Trump left the presidency, he inherited an economy that was in a bad shape. Biden said that he created jobs on a large scale and curbed the rising prices of medicines. In response, Trump said that a large number of illegal immigrants have arrived in America under the Biden government.

‘The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan was shameful’

Trump fiercely cornered Biden over the departure of American troops from Afghanistan in the first year of his government. Trump said that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan during Biden’s tenure was shameful. We have left behind military equipment and weapons worth several billion dollars in Afghanistan. Our soldiers have been killed there.

‘Joe Biden is the worst chief commander ever’

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On a question related to the Russia and Ukraine war, Trump said that Biden did nothing to stop this war. He rather provoked Russian President Putin to attack Ukraine. Biden is the worst chief commander ever. American soldiers like me more than him. If America had a president whom Putin respected, he would never attack Ukraine. In such a situation, Hamas would also not attack Israel. If I am elected President, I will end the Russia-Ukraine war even before assuming office.