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Ram Mandir Witnesses Devotee Influx on the First Day; Chief Minister Yogi Issues Instructions for Smooth Darshan

Ram Mandir: The highly anticipated consecration ceremony of the idol of Lord Ram at the Ram Janmabhoomi complex in Ayodhya marked the beginning of a surge in devotees. The police administration, foreseeing the security challenges and management issues, had been on high alert for several days leading up to the event.

On Tuesday, as the auspicious ceremony unfolded, the police faced the formidable task of managing the swelling crowds thronging towards the sacred temple complex.

Devotee Influx and the Security Challenge in Ram Mandir

The consecration ceremony of the idol of Lord Ram marked a significant event in Ayodhya, drawing a substantial influx of devotees. The police administration, anticipating challenges related to security and crowd management, had been preparing for several days. On Tuesday, their efforts were put to the test as the number of devotees surged towards the temple complex.

Chief Minister Yogi’s Personal Inspection and Stringent Directives

CM Yogi Adityanath, recognizing the importance of ensuring a smooth experience for the devotees, personally inspected the Ram Janmabhoomi temple premises. His primary focus was on the security measures and the arrangements in place for the well-being of the devotees. He issued strict directives to guarantee a hassle-free darshan for saints and devotees and ensure that all necessary provisions were efficiently arranged.

Ram Mandir

State Bureau, Lucknow.

Ram Mandir, after the consecration ceremony of Lord Ram’s idol, witnessed a notable surge in the gathering of devotees. The police administration had anticipated security and management challenges for several days leading up to the event, and on Tuesday, their preparations were put to the test as the influx of devotees increased.

The heightened presence of devotees in the temple premises posed difficulties for worshippers. Additionally, misleading messages circulated on internet media, contributing to confusion and creating a challenging situation.

Chief Minister’s Emphasis on Devotee Facilities

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath‘s personal inspection underscored his commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of the devotees. His directives emphasized the need for saints and devotees to have easy and convenient darshan, with all necessary arrangements made meticulously.

Chief Secretary Sanjay Prasad and DGP Law and Order Prashant Kumar also reached Ayodhya to coordinate with local authorities and oversee the situation. Prashant Kumar reassured that the situation in Ayodhya remained entirely normal, and the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) was on alert to prevent any untoward incidents.

Challenges and Precautions

The unexpected surge of devotees in Ayodhya, where ongoing events related to Ram Katha have been drawing crowds, prompted the activation of the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) to ensure security. Devotees from outside Ayodhya also joined the celebrations, adding to the already significant gathering. Prashant Kumar clarified that the situation was entirely under control.

The police administration has been vigilant against suspicious elements and miscreants, maintaining a high alert across all districts. Instructions were given to closely monitor any mischievous activities and swiftly address them to maintain law and order.

Devotee Count and Security Measures

On the first day, until late afternoon, around three lakh devotees had visited for darshan. By late evening, the number rose to approximately five lakh devotees who were facilitated for a peaceful darshan of Lord Ram. The police, in coordination with local authorities, managed the flow of the crowd efficiently, implementing the necessary security measures.

The ATS team remains active, ensuring that any potential security threats are addressed promptly. The police administration’s proactive stance and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s personal inspection have played crucial roles in maintaining order and facilitating a harmonious experience for the devotees during this significant religious event.

As the events unfold, the police will continue to be on high alert, adapting to the evolving situation to ensure the safety and well-being of all devotees participating in this sacred occasion.

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