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Explore Ayodhya Hassle-Free with the Holy Ayodhya App

Holy Ayodhya App: As Ayodhya gears up for the grand inauguration of the Ram Mandir on January 22, 2024, anticipation is building worldwide. With 6000 special invitations extended by the trust overseeing the event, the city is set to witness an influx of devotees. To ease accommodation challenges, the Uttar Pradesh government has launched the “Holy Ayodhya App,” offering a seamless booking experience for hotels and homestays.

1. Booking Made Easy:

Facing difficulty finding rooms in Ayodhya? The Holy Ayodhya App allows users to effortlessly book hotels and homestays, ensuring a comfortable stay during the monumental event. With the app, you can browse through a list of options that fit your budget and preferences.

2. Registration for Homestays:

The app also facilitates the registration process for homeowners willing to offer their residences as homestays. By submitting necessary documents such as room photos, identification proof, and address verification, hosts can enlist their properties on the app, contributing to the local economy and providing additional lodging options.

3. Affordable Accommodation Options:

The Uttar Pradesh government, in collaboration with the Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) and the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Board, aims to make accommodation affordable and accessible. Prices for rooms range from INR 1500 to INR 3500, offering a variety of options to suit different budgets.

4. Job Creation Initiative:

Apart from serving the needs of pilgrims and visitors, the Holy Ayodhya App aligns with the Uttar Pradesh government’s employment generation initiatives. The app presents an opportunity for homeowners to participate in the Paying Guest Scheme, contributing to the local workforce.

5. Holy Ayodhya App Features and Benefits:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed for easy navigation, making it convenient for users to explore and choose accommodation.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: Users can filter options based on their budget, ensuring a diverse range of choices.
  • Flexible Cancellation Policy: The app allows cancellations up to 24 hours before the scheduled check-in time, promoting flexibility for users.

6. How to Use the Holy Ayodhya App:

  • Download the App: Search and download the “Holy Ayodhya App” from the Google Play Store.
  • Registration: Sign up using your mobile number and email ID.
  • Explore Options: Choose between hotels and homestays, exploring over 500 listings.
  • Select and Pay: Select your preferred accommodation, proceed to payment, and receive a booking confirmation on the app.


As the world eagerly awaits the consecration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the Holy Ayodhya App emerges as a valuable tool for those planning to be a part of this historic event. By offering hassle-free accommodation solutions, the app enhances the overall experience of pilgrims and tourists, making Ayodhya more accessible and welcoming. Download the app and embark on a seamless journey to witness the divine Pran Pratishtha of the Ram Mandir.

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