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NFL Star Christian McCaffrey Becomes the New Face of Brookstone

Brookstone, the tech-focused retailer and manufacturer under Bluestar Alliance, has enlisted San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey as the brand ambassador for the upcoming year. The three-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro athlete is set to feature prominently in digital, print, out-of-home advertising, and in-person events until the fall of 2025.

1. A Winning Partnership

Christian McCaffrey NFL Star

Brookstone’s strategic move to tap Christian McCaffrey as the face of the brand aims to blend excellence, versatility, and a commitment to wellness and technology. McCaffrey’s reputation as an outstanding athlete aligns with Brookstone’s vision of enhancing everyday experiences.

2. Brand Focus Areas

The collaboration will shine a spotlight on various product categories, including luggage and travel accessories, electronics, grooming essentials, massage chairs, and more. McCaffrey’s endorsement will add a personal touch to Brookstone’s offerings, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to providing top-notch products.

3. Commitment to Excellence

Ralph Gindi, Chief Operating Officer of Bluestar Alliance, expressed the belief in “doing life better” at Brookstone. McCaffrey’s commitment to excellence on and off the field makes him an ideal representative for the brand, emphasizing a lifestyle that demands the best in wellness and technology.

4. Christian McCaffrey’s Perspective

Christian McCaffrey NFL Star

Christian McCaffrey shared his enthusiasm about representing Brookstone, emphasizing the brand’s alignment with his values. He sees Brookstone products not only as enhancers for his athletic recovery but also as contributors to his daily life. The partnership allows McCaffrey to elevate travel experiences and day-to-day activities, supporting his performance on the football field.

5. Beyond Sports


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Beyond his athletic achievements, Christian McCaffrey is engaged to Olivia Culpo, an actress, model, and Miss Universe 2012. Additionally, he leads the Christian McCaffrey Foundation, focusing on supporting underserved youth, those undergoing medical treatment, frontline medical workers, and providing suicide prevention for Army Veterans.

6. Product Availability

Brookstone x CMC endorsed products resulting from this partnership will be accessible at retailers nationwide and Brookstone’s official website. This collaboration ensures that consumers can experience the blend of technology and wellness that both McCaffrey and Brookstone champion.

Conclusion: With Christian McCaffrey as the new face of Brookstone, the tech-focused brand anticipates reaching new heights in product visibility and consumer engagement. The partnership reflects a shared commitment to excellence, wellness, and technology, promising exciting collaborations and innovative offerings for fans and consumers alike.

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