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Federal Police Arrest Three (3) Suspects in the Murder of Marielle Franco

The Federal Police (PF) has launched an operation targeting suspects believed to be the masterminds behind the assassination of Marielle Franco, a prominent city councilor, and her driver, Anderson Gomes. The operation, which took place on Sunday morning (24th), resulted in the arrest of three individuals and the execution of 12 search and seizure warrants, all in Rio de Janeiro.

Who Are the Arrested Individuals?

Sources indicate that among those arrested are the brothers Domingos Brazão, the current counselor of the State Court of Auditors, Chiquinho Brazão, a federal deputy from Rio de Janeiro, and Rivaldo Barbosa, the former chief of the Rio Civil Police.

Authorization and Joint Operation

The operation was authorized by Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the Supreme Federal Court. A joint operation comprising the Federal Police, the Office of the Attorney General, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rio de Janeiro carried out the arrests on Sunday.

Operation “Murder”: Unveiling the Name

The operation was named “Murder,” signifying the grave nature of the crime under investigation. Investigators revealed that “Murder Inc.” was an organized crime association that served as the armed branch for executing orders on behalf of New York’s mafia in the 1930s.

Understanding the Case

Investigators believe that Marielle’s murder was a targeted execution due to her impactful work as a lawmaker. The tragic incident, which occurred in March 2018, also claimed the life of her driver, Anderson Gomes. According to the PF, the arrested individuals are considered the “intellectual authors of the homicide.” The identities of these masterminds were disclosed by former police officer Ronie Lessa as part of a plea bargain. Notably, as Chiquinho Brazão holds the position of federal deputy, he enjoys parliamentary immunity, thus elevating the case to the Supreme Court.

Ongoing Operations

Police operations are still underway, with search and seizure warrants being executed at the headquarters of the Rio Civil Police and the State Court of Auditors.

Seeking Responses

Efforts to reach out to the accused individuals are underway, with CNN awaiting their statements on the matter.

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