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Donald Trump’s controversial statement sparked debate | I will end the policy of Biden administration as soon as I come to power

As the presidential elections in America approach, political rhetoric is at its peak. Former President Donald Trump warned of possible unrest if he lost the election in a recent speech. And his comments have sparked heated debate, especially after the quick response from Joe Biden’s spokesperson. Former President Donald Trump accused Biden of allowing millions of immigrants, including violent gang members and gangsters, into the US. He claimed that if he came to power, he would end every open border policy. And said that another American should not lose his life due to migrant crime.

Donald Trump’s accusation and Joe Biden’s reaction

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

President Joe Biden’s spokesperson James Singer hit back at Trump’s statement and accused him of inciting violence. Singer suggested Trump wanted to have another incident like the one on January 6, referencing the Capitol riot, which occurred after Biden’s victory was confirmed. The strong condemnation underscores the intense political climate in the United States.

Why did Donald Trump make such a statement?

Donald Trump

Trump’s original statement, made during a rally near Dayton, Ohio, hinted at imposing tariffs on foreign cars. However, his rhetoric veered into ominous territory, suggesting potential chaos if he was not re-elected. The ambiguity of his comments has given rise to speculation and controversy.

6 January incident

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, following Biden’s election victory, the US Capitol was attacked by a mob, resulting in violence and vandalism. Earlier too, Trump had faced allegations of promoting fraud in his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. His comments often provoke controversy and division.

Joe Biden’s stance on January 6

Joe Biden

President Biden often references the events of January 6 in his speeches to emphasize the importance of preserving democracy. He sees the attack as a political threat to both the Republican Party and Trump’s campaign.


The exchange between Trump and Biden underscores the intense political polarization in the US. As the elections approach, tensions are rising, and every statement by political figures is being scrutinized for its potential impact on the stability of the country.

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