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The Glow and Moisture of the Face will Remain intact Even in Summer

In summer, sun, dust and sweat can take away the glow and moisture from the face. Sometimes due to haste and sometimes due to carelessness, we make such mistakes related to skin care which harm the skin. Today we are going to learn about these mistakes. By avoiding these you can get glowing skin even in summer.

If you do not take proper care of your skin during the summer season, it starts looking dry and lifeless. Apart from tanning, the problem of pimples also increases. Even in this season, the skin needs a little more care. If you think that just applying sunscreen is enough then it is not so, apart from this many other things are also important, about which we will know today.

Some mistakes related to skin care not only take away the glow from your face, but also make you look older than your age.

These mistakes made in summer can harm the skin

1. Not applying sunscreen



Using sunscreen in the summer season not only protects from tanning, but also helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Regular use of sunscreen can prevent skin damage from UV rays to a great extent. Sunscreen should be applied every 3 to 4 hours.

2. Not applying moisturizer

In summer, it is not enough to just apply sunscreen, but it is also very important to apply moisturizer along with it. This tip applies to both oily or normal skin types. If you have a lot of problem of acne. Then you should not miss it at all. By not applying moisturizer the face starts losing moisture. Due to which the face looks dull.

3. Not removing makeup


If you do not remove makeup before sleeping then you are making a big mistake and it increases the risk of skin damage. By doing this, the size of pores starts increasing and the problem of pimples and acne starts increasing. Cleanse and toning your face thoroughly before sleeping at night. After this apply moisturizer cream.

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