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Celebrating Irish Success at Oscars 2024: Poor Things and Cillian Murphy Shine Bright

Oscars 2024: The 96th Academy Awards are just around the corner, and this year, Irish talent is stealing the spotlight with an impressive 12 nominations. Element Pictures’ film, “Poor Things,” leads the Irish charge with a record-breaking 11 nominations, making it the most recognized Irish production ever. Notably, Cillian Murphy secures his first-ever nomination for Best Actor, adding to the excitement. Let’s dive into the highlights of this year’s nominations and celebrate the success of Irish cinema on the global stage.

1. Poor Things Dominates with 11 Nominations

  • Best Picture: “Poor Things” earns a nod for the most coveted award, with producer nominees Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe, Yorgos Lanthimos, and Emma Stone.
  • Outstanding Director: Yorgos Lanthimos receives recognition for his exceptional direction in “Poor Things.”
  • Commanding Lead: Cillian Murphy’s powerful portrayal in “Oppenheimer” secures him a well-deserved Best Actor nomination.
  • Supporting Excellence: Mark Ruffalo earns a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, adding to the film’s impressive lineup.
  • Behind the Lens: Robbie Ryan’s cinematography and Tony McNamara’s adapted screenplay contribute to the film’s 11 nominations.

2. Oppenheimer Leads with 13 Nominations

  • Christopher Nolan’s Triumph: “Oppenheimer” emerges as the frontrunner with 13 nominations, including Best Director for Christopher Nolan.
  • Cinematic Brilliance: Nolan, a seasoned director, adds another milestone to his illustrious career with this film.

3. Snubs and Surprises

  • Notable Snubs: Unfortunately, actors Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal miss out on nominations for “All of Us Strangers,” while Barry Keoghan also doesn’t make the cut.
  • Previous Recognition: Both Mescal and Keoghan received nominations last year, showcasing their consistent excellence in the industry.

4. Element Pictures’ Remarkable Success

  • Historic Achievement: “Poor Things” receives 11 nominations, marking the highest ever for an Irish-produced film.
  • Golden Globes Triumph: The film has already clinched two Golden Globes and earned 11 BAFTA nominations, solidifying its global acclaim.

5. Industry Applause

  • Désirée Finnegan’s Congratulations: Chief executive of Screen Ireland, Désirée Finnegan, extends congratulations to the Irish talent, emphasizing their consistent production of powerful stories resonating internationally.

6. Poor Things: A Record-Breaking Triumph

  • Best Picture Glory: “Poor Things,” a quirky and captivating film by Element Pictures, has secured an astounding 11 nominations, marking the highest ever for an Irish production.
  • Diverse Production Team: Although not filmed in Ireland, the film’s success reflects the collaborative efforts of Irish producers Ed Guiney and Andrew Lowe, along with acclaimed Irish cinematographer Robbie Ryan.

7. Cillian Murphy: A Trailblazer for Ireland

  • Best Actor Front-Runner: Cillian Murphy’s chilling portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” has earned him his first-ever Oscar nomination.
  • Golden Globe Win: Murphy’s exceptional performance has already been recognized with a Golden Globe, making him a strong contender for the coveted Best Actor award.

8. Snubs and Surprises: The Oscar Rollercoaster

  • Missed Opportunities: Despite high expectations, actors Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, and Barry Keoghan missed out on nominations this year, showcasing the unpredictability of the Oscars.
  • Consistent Excellence: Past nominations for Scott and Mescal highlight their consistent contributions to the industry.

9. Element Pictures’ Ongoing Success

  • Historical Achievement: Element Pictures, the Irish-British-US production company, continues its winning streak with 26 Academy Award nominations since its inception in 2001.
  • Global Acclaim: “Poor Things” has not only garnered Oscar nominations but has also secured two Golden Globes and 11 BAFTA nominations, reinforcing its international acclaim.

10. What to Expect at the Oscars Ceremony

  • Live Broadcast Challenge: While anticipation builds for the March 10th ceremony, Irish viewers face challenges in accessing live broadcasts due to changes in broadcast rights.
  • Jimmy Kimmel’s Return: Host Jimmy Kimmel promises an entertaining evening, with the ceremony set to begin at a historically early time of 11 pm in this time zone.


As we eagerly await the 96th Academy Awards, Irish cinema stands tall with a record-breaking 12 nominations. “Poor Things” and Cillian Murphy’s recognition showcase the country’s creative brilliance, emphasizing Ireland’s significant presence on the global cinematic stage. The Oscars ceremony promises to be a night of celebration, honoring the exceptional talents that continue to make Ireland a powerhouse in the world of film. Stay tuned for more updates and let’s cheer for Irish success at the Oscars!

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