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Butter vs Ghee: Butter or Ghee, which is better for health?

Butter vs Ghee: Be it butter or ghee, both are consumed extensively but when it comes to choosing one for health, debate often arises. Some people like ghee more while others like eating butter more. In such a situation, let us clear your confusion and tell which of the two is best for you to include in your diet.

Butter vs Ghee:

Be it butter or ghee, both are an important part of Indian food. People use them according to their taste and need. Some people like to eat ghee, others find butter more tasty. In such a situation, when it comes to health, many people remain confused about choosing between the two. Let us tell you today in this article, what is the difference between the two in terms of health.

Making Process: Butter vs Ghee

Be it butter or ghee, both the things are prepared from milk. Butter is extracted from the cream of milk, whereas to extract ghee, the milk cream has to be first cooked and its water is burnt, only then the ghee is ready. In such a situation, it is clear that compared to ghee, there is more water in butter, whereas when it is available in the market instead of at home, salt is added to it, due to which it can be stored for a long time.

Nutrients: Butter vs Ghee

100 grams of butter contains 717 calories, while ghee contains 900 calories. On the other hand, if we talk about healthy fat in butter, it is 51 percent and on the other hand, its quantity in ghee is 60 percent. Apart from this, just like butter is salted or unsalted, similarly ‘Vaspati Ghee’ is also available in the market, which contains more unhealthy fat as compared to desi ghee.

Butter vs Ghee: Who should eat more rightly?

Consumption of both butter or ghee is beneficial for your health, but if you are eating butter, then only white butter i.e. unsalted butter is good for health. Now talking about ghee, its vegetable type is also not good for your health, because the unhealthy fat present in it can spoil your heart health and also promotes bad cholesterol.

Apart from this, you should take care of two more things. The first is whether the butter or ghee you are using for eating is pure or not. Secondly, you should consume both in limited quantities only.

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