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Big Brother Brasil 24 Paredão Night: What Time Does it Start and Where to Watch

Sunday night in the Big Brother Brasil 24 house means Paredão formation, bringing suspense and drama to fans of the reality show. As viewers gear up for the latest twists and turns, one burning question remains: What time does BBB 24 start? Here’s a breakdown of the schedule and where to catch all the action.

1. Paredão Night Schedule:

The Big Brother Brasil 24 Paredão night kicks off after the conclusion of Fantástico, approximately at 23:10, according to the Globo network’s schedule in Brasília time. Viewers are advised to keep an eye on their screens, and once the credits for Fantástico begin rolling, it’s time for the drama inside the Big Brother Brasil house.

2. Weekly Schedule:

For fans planning their week around BBB 24, the show follows a consistent schedule:

  • Monday: 22:25
  • Tuesday: 22:25
  • Wednesday: 22:25 (Note: In football match days, it may start later)
  • Thursday: 22:25
  • Friday: 22:25
  • Saturday: 22:25
  • Sunday: 23:10, following Fantástico

3. Where to Watch Big Brother Brasil 24:

Whether you prefer traditional TV or online streaming, BBB 24 offers various viewing options:

  • TV Broadcast: Watch live on TV Globo at 22:25 in Brasília time.
  • Cable TV: Tune in to Multishow immediately after the Globo broadcast.
  • Pay-Per-View: Subscribe to cable TV providers to access 24-hour live feeds from the BBB house.
  • Online Streaming: Use the Globoplay app, available for iOS and Android, or visit the Globoplay website to catch episodes and 24-hour camera footage.


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Understanding the Voting Dynamics:

Discover the voting process in Big Brother Brasil 24, which includes two types of votes: the “Single Vote” linked to the CPF and the “Fans Vote” with unlimited voting, with the final result determined by the average of both methods.

Recap of the Paredão Dynamics:

Get insights into the recent Paredão dynamics, including how the nominations unfolded and who ended up facing eviction. Understand the voting process and how the final nominees were selected for the 7th Paredão.

Checking the UOL Poll:

Explore the UOL poll to get an idea of who might leave the house next. Understand the disclaimer that the UOL result is unofficial and may not reflect the actual outcome of the program.

Steps to Check the UOL Poll:

Follow simple steps to access the UOL poll and see the current percentages of the nominated housemates. Learn how to navigate the website and contribute to the poll if desired.

Result of the Round Trip Test:

Find out who won the Bate-Volta competition and secured immunity from eviction. Understand the significance of this result in the context of the ongoing Paredão.

How to Vote in the 7th Paredão:

Learn the step-by-step process to cast your vote for the nominated housemates. Get instructions on how to access the BBB 24 page on Gshow, log in, and choose your voting method: Single Vote or Fans Vote.

House Vote Breakdown:

Explore who voted for whom in both rounds of the house voting process. Understand the dynamics within each group and how the votes influenced the final nominees for eviction.

As the anticipation builds for Paredão night on BBB 24, knowing the schedule and where to watch becomes crucial for fans. Whether on TV or through various online platforms, there are plenty of options to stay connected with the latest developments inside the Big Brother Brasil house.

Stay engaged with the latest developments in the BBB 24 house by participating in the voting process and following the updates on the UOL poll. Your vote could determine the fate of the nominated housemates in the upcoming Paredão.

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