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YouTube Takes Down 1,000 Scam Videos: Crackdown on Deepfake Celebrity Ads

In a recent move, YouTube, owned by Google, has removed over 1,000 scam videos that featured AI-generated deepfake technology. These videos, showcasing celebrities like Taylor Swift, Steve Harvey, and Joe Rogan, were promoting Medicare scams and collectively garnered nearly 200 million views. This action follows an investigation by 404 Media, which uncovered the advertising ring responsible for the deceptive content.

1. The Deepfake Scam Unveiled:

  • AI-Generated Celebrity Ads: Scam videos used deepfake technology to create realistic appearances of celebrities endorsing Medicare scams.
  • Celebrities Involved: Taylor Swift, Steve Harvey, and Joe Rogan were among the celebrities featured in the misleading content.

2. YouTube’s Response and Action:

  • Removal of 1,000 Videos: YouTube said the problem and highlighted its huge investment in stopping AI-generated film famous person scam ads. The platform took swift action by removing over 1,000 scam videos.
  • Commitment to Addressing Deepfake Content: YouTube emphasized its commitment to actively prevent the spread of deepfake content, recognizing the serious nature of the matter.

3. Scope of the Deepfake Problem:

  • Beyond YouTube: The deepfake task extends past YouTube, as evidenced via way of means of a current incident of non-consensual deepfake porn presenting Taylor Swift on some other platform.
  • Explicit Content Virality: The unauthorized content gained significant traction, accumulating over 45 million views and 24,000 reposts before being taken down after approximately 17 hours.

4. Cybersecurity Insight:

  • Deeptrace Report: According to cybersecurity company Deeptrace, about 96% of deepfakes are pornographic, with a primary awareness on portraying women. This highlights the broader challenge in tackling inappropriate use of AI-generated content online.

5. YouTube’s Vigilance and Ongoing Concerns:

  • Platform’s Awareness: YouTube is cognizant of the misuse of its platform for celeb deepfake advertisements and is actively addressing the issue.
  • Challenges of Combatting Deepfakes: The incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by platforms in combating deepfake content. As generation evolves, systems maintain to conform and make investments sources to live in advance withinside the combat towards misleading and dangerous practices.


The removal of over 1,000 scam videos from YouTube sheds light on the platform’s commitment to addressing the misuse of deepfake technology. The incident underscores the broader challenges faced by online platforms in combating deceptive practices, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and adaptation in the face of evolving technological threats.

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