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Women’s Day 2024: Safety is important not only on the roads but also in the Digital world, Here is some tips

Women’s Day 2024: Although many steps are being taken to advance women and keep them safe, there are some things which you can keep in mind to keep yourself safe. Women’s Day (Women’s Day 2024) gives an opportunity to talk openly on many issues related to women. In such a situation, today we will know some important things for the safety of women in the digital world-

Today is celebrated as Women’s Day 2024 all over the world. Every year March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day. This day dedicated to women is celebrated with the aim of making them aware of their rights and providing equality in the society. There are many issues related to women which remain a topic of discussion at the global level. One of these important issues is security, regarding which many steps are being taken these days. Digital security is also an important issue, where it is important for women to remain safe.

Women’s Day 2024

Cyber attacks and crimes have increased rapidly in recent times. Especially since the advent of AI, its cases have increased significantly. In such a situation, it is important to keep some important things in mind while using the digital world. Today, on the occasion of Women’s Day, we will tell you about some tips that will keep you safe in the digital world.

Women's Day 2024

Two-factor authentication

If you run online accounts yourself, use two-factor authentication like OTP, biometric authentication, etc. to make it secure.

Online privacy settings

Nowadays the use of social media has increased a lot. In such a situation, to use them safely, keep privacy settings to protect your personal information in other online accounts including social media.

Be careful when shopping online

Nowadays everyone is resorting to online shopping to save time and look for better things. Especially women keep shopping online every day. In such a situation, whenever you buy something online, keep in mind that the website you are using is reliable and secure.

Keep an eye on children

Nowadays children have also started using mobile phones a lot. In such a situation, it is important that you keep an eye on your children, especially little girls, because often children make mistakes due to ignorance and lack of information.

Share information wisely

Due to the increasing trend of social media, nowadays people share every update related to their life with their friends online. In such situations, sometimes they can be misused. In such a situation, please think carefully before posting anything on social media.

Recognize messages

Nowadays social media platforms have become a great and easy way to connect with people. Because of this, we often get associated with many unknown people, which can be dangerous for us. In such a situation, try to stay away from such people and carefully block and report any suspicious activity.

Use secure social networks

If you use public Wi-Fi outside, be careful while using it. Also try to use your personal hotspot as much as possible.

Check webcam settings

Webcams present in devices like our phones, laptops often start capturing us without our knowledge. In such a situation, before giving permission to access any app or website, cross check it and keep your webcam covered as much as possible.

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