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Violence erupts in Kenya, violent protests everywhere, what to do if you are stuck?

Thousands of people angry over the increase in tax burden in Kenya entered the Parliament premises on Tuesday. The protesters have set fire to part of the Parliament building. MPs are being safely evacuated from the Parliament building. MPs recently passed a controversial bill, under which new taxes will be imposed.

According to Reuters, former US President Barack Obama’s half-sister and Kenyan activist Auma Obama was also among the protesters who were fired tear gas during a demonstration outside the Parliament building in Nairobi on Tuesday. 10 people have died in clashes between protesters and police during the demonstration in Nairobi.

Public is opposing the new tax

Kenya's Finance Bill
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50 people have been injured in the firing. Protesters are opposing new taxes, which also include eco-levy. This will increase the price of items like diapers. However, the proposal to impose tax on bread was dropped after public protest.

Human rights raised questions

Kenya's Finance Bill

Kenya’s Human Rights Commission shared a video of officers firing on protesters and said they should be held accountable. The commission posted on X, addressing President William Ruto, ‘The world is watching your atrocities! This action is an attack on democracy.’ Kenya Law Society President Faith Odhiambo said that 50 Kenyans, including her personal assistant, were abducted by police officers. Said that cases of kidnapping and torture by the police have come to the fore.

President Ruto gave a statement

Kenya President William Ruto has strongly criticized the violence. He wrote on the X platform that such violence is an attack on democracy. The world is watching it. Those responsible for this violence are being searched for. We are taking immediate action on this incident.

What is Kenya’s Finance Bill?

The Finance Bill in Kenya is usually introduced in Parliament before the start of the financial year which runs from July to June. The government announces its fiscal plans in it. In the bill for the financial year 2024-25, the Kanya government aims to increase taxes to reduce the debt burden and budget deficit on the country. The government has set a target of collecting about Rs 19,170 crore in tax. The Kenyan government is preparing a plan to increase tax on food items.

What are the people of Kenya doing?

Kenya's Finance Bill
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In K-enya, protesters forcibly entered the Parliament on Tuesday in protest against the Finance Bill which increases taxes. Here the protesters created a lot of ruckus. The miscreants set fire to a part of the Parliament building. On Monday also, there were many clashes between the security forces and the protesters. So far 5 people have died in these clashes, while dozens have been injured.

What is the advisory of the Government of India?

People are very angry at this decision of the government in the economically poor country. In view of the violent protests, the Government of India has issued an advisory for its citizens.

  • – All Indians living in Kenya, do not travel unnecessarily.
  • – Go out very carefully and do not go to violence-affected areas at all.
  • – Keep an eye on the social media handle of the High Commission. – Keep an eye on local websites.

How many people from Kenya live in India?

About 20,000 Indians live in K-enya. Living there has become difficult due to the riots. If such conditions continue, it is possible that the Indian government may take an important decision to evacuate its citizens. Earlier also, India has been trying its best to evacuate its citizens from violence-hit countries. In such a situation, if the situation worsens, India can send its rescue teams to Kenya as well.

What to do if you are in an emergency?

If you are also stuck in the riots and you do not see any way out, immediately call the emergency number +254-734916532. The Indian Embassy will provide you help.

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