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Wanessa Camargo’s Team Responds to Davi’s Accusation of Aggression on BBB 24 | Revelation After BBB 24 Expulsion

The recent incident involving Davi accusing singer Wanessa Camargo of aggression on Big Brother Brasil 24 (BBB 24) has stirred widespread attention. Let’s delve into the details of what transpired and the response from Wanessa’s team.

Wanessa Camargo’s Team Statement

Wanessa Camargo's Team Responds

Following Davi’s allegations, Wanessa Camargo’s team issued a statement denying any physical threat towards the participant. According to the statement shared with Estadão, Wanessa was merely in a “lighthearted moment” and had no intention of harming anyone.

Context of the Incident

During a post-party moment on the show, Wanessa woke Davi, a ride-hailing driver, by dancing near his bed. It was alleged that she accidentally hit Davi’s leg while dancing. Davi later claimed that Wanessa had slapped his leg, prompting him to raise the issue with the show’s production.

Wanessa Camargo’s Team’s Perspective

Wanessa's Team's Perspective

In their statement, Wanessa’s team highlighted that she was unaware of who was in the bed and was simply enjoying herself after the party. They also mentioned that Davi had startled Wanessa earlier the same day, indicating a mutual exchange of unexpected interactions.

Recap of the Incident

Davi’s accusation stemmed from being woken abruptly by Wanessa, who entered the room enthusiastically, turning on lights and dancing. He expressed his frustration to fellow contestants and emphasized the need for action from the production team.

Awaited Response from Production

Despite attempts to reach out to Rede Globo for comment on the matter, there has been no official response yet. The situation remains under scrutiny as viewers await further developments.

Feeling Startled

Wanessa expressed her surprise at being called racist, stating, “I was really shocked [to be called racist]. When you’re accused of something so serious, it’s like wearing a coat that doesn’t fit… I listened to many people who have knowledge about this issue [to make a video apology on social media]. What I wanted to convey in that video is that I didn’t intend to be racist.”

Denying Aggression

The singer denied allegations of aggression towards Davi Brito, 21, in BBB 24. She explained, “I was at a party, had a bit too much to drink, and jokingly jumped on the bed. While dancing with my arms, I remember my hand touching the bed and brushing against Davi. I realized I was being inappropriate and apologized to him… I went to bed, woke up to the [sound of the call to the confession room], and received the news that I had been disqualified for aggression. I left in tears… Was it fair based on the program’s rules? It was fair. But in terms of fair play? It wasn’t fair.” Wanessa also shared an incident where she felt she was inadvertently harmed by Davi during a game, but she understood it wasn’t intentional aggression.

Addressing Misconceptions

She clarified that she did not influence any potential persecution of Davi in the reality show or call him violent. “No. What happened was that he had certain behaviors, and other people who were bothered would bring up some issues… I understand that a lot now and this place of pain [of being called violent for being black]. I didn’t use the word ‘violent,’ but I said I didn’t like how he approached confrontations. I was shocked by many things taken out of context. We have a very problematic social media environment.”


Wanessa Camargo reflected on her overall participation in the program, emphasizing, “I am not the 55 days I spent there [in the house]. I am 40 years of life.”

Relationship Update

Confirming the end of her relationship with actor Dado Dolabella, Wanessa Camargo stated, “We ended the relationship. I have a lot of affection for what we lived, but now I need to focus on myself, my children, and my work.”

BBB Expulsion

Wanessa Camargo’s departure from the show occurred following Davi’s accusation of aggression. After a party, Wanessa accidentally hit Davi’s leg while jumping on a bed where he was sleeping under a duvet. Upon realizing her mistake, Wanessa apologized, unaware that Davi was in bed.


The unfolding drama on BBB 24 involving Wanessa Camargo and Davi underscores the complexities of living in a confined reality show environment. As the narrative unfolds, audiences remain curious about the outcome and the steps taken by the production team to address the allegations. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving story.

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