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The Royal Origins of Gabriel Attal: Unveiling Surprising Family Connections

1. Noble Ancestry:

  • Despite his republican background, France’s Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, has surprising noble roots tracing back to the old Russian aristocracy.
  • His mother, Marie de Couriss, hails from a family of White Russians, the monarchist opponents of Soviet Russia.

2. Notable Ancestors: Gabriel Attal 

Gabriel Attal
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  • Gabriel Attal’s prestigious lineage includes figures such as Ivan Iraklievitch de Couriss, a state councilor and marshal of the Russian nobility, and Prince Mikhail Mikhailovich Galitzin, admiral-general of the Russian fleet.
  • The family tree also boasts connections to renowned aristocrats like Potemkin and Orlov.

3. Common Ancestor with Monarchs:

  • Through his ancestry, Gabriel Attal shares a common ancestor with six current European monarchs, including King Frederik X of Denmark, King Harald V of Norway, and King Philippe of Belgium.
  • Prince Ivan Bariatinsky, an ambassador to the French court, emerges as a key figure linking Attal to these royal families.

4. Links to Prince Albert II of Monaco:

  • Interestingly, Gabriel Attal is also connected to Prince Albert II of Monaco through the Goyon de Matignon family.
  • Princess Louise-Hippolyte, who married Jacques Goyon de Matignon in the 18th century, is an ancestor shared by both Attal and Prince Albert II.

5. Mediterranean Roots and Sephardic Jewish Heritage:

  • On his paternal side, Gabriel Attal’s family has Mediterranean roots, with a Sephardic Jewish lineage established in La Marsa, Tunisia, since the 18th century.
  • His ancestors include Elie Attal, who married into a Sephardic Jewish family from Libourne, known for producing bankers and the famous painter, Modigliani.

6. Meaning Behind the Name:

Gabriel Attal
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  • The surname “Attal” has North African origins, with “attâl” meaning a porter, reflecting a historical occupation in the family’s lineage.

7. Conclusion:

  • Gabriel Attal’s family history reveals a rich tapestry of noble ancestry, spanning continents and centuries.
  • Despite his republican political affiliations, his royal connections offer an intriguing glimpse into the intertwined histories of European aristocracy and modern governance.

In summary, the surprising royal origins of Gabriel Attal shed light on the complexities of lineage and heritage, showcasing a diverse and fascinating family background.

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