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Tech giants layoffs 2024: Amazon, Byju’s, Apple and Lightspeed Commerce took Tough Decisions But why?

There is a wave of layoffs in the tech industry, with companies like Amazon, Byju’s, Apple and Lightspeed Commerce announcing significant staff cuts. Reasons for the layoffs include overhiring, strategic restructuring and cost-cutting efforts during the pandemic. 235 companies are set to lay off 57,785 employees in 2024, with Dell cutting 13,000 jobs the largest single layoff.

Amazon workforce reduction:


  • Amazon Inc. is downsizing its cloud computing division, affecting hundreds of employees in sales, marketing and technology development roles.
  • The move is intended to streamline operations and focus on key strategic areas identified by Amazon Web Services.
  • Amazon previously cut more than 27,000 corporate roles following a pandemic-era hiring surge.

Restructuring of BYJU’S:


  • India’s leading edtech company Byju’s is laying off 500 employees, which is about 3% of its workforce.
  • The restructuring has been attributed to financial challenges, investor unrest and declining valuations.
  • The layoffs affect sales, marketing and teaching roles as part of ongoing restructuring efforts starting in 2023.

Apple’s strategic decisions:


  • Apple eliminated more than 600 jobs in California, US, shutting down projects related to car and smartwatch displays.
  • It had to be shut down due to challenges in project execution, including cost concerns and engineering constraints.
  • Apple’s strategic decisions are intended to efficiently allocate resources and refocus its efforts on key initiatives.

Lightspeed Commerce’s Cost Reduction Plan:


  • Canadian payments firm Lightspeed Commerce plans to cut its workforce by 280 employees, or about 10%.
  • The layoffs are part of a broader restructuring plan aimed at reducing operating expenses.
  • The move allows for greater investment in development initiatives while ensuring profitability and sustainable growth.

Challenges and Resilience in the Tech Industry:

Despite challenges and economic uncertainties, the tech industry remains resilient due to the rapid adoption of AI technologies and demand for skilled professionals. Layoffs pose significant challenges, highlighting the need for upskilling, financial planning and crisis management strategies.

Individuals and organizations must foster flexibility and adaptability to navigate the evolving technological landscape.

Addressing job layoffs:

  • Job loss has a deep impact, requiring proactive measures such as skill upgradation and financial optimization.
  • Companies should prioritize employee wellness, implement flexible policies, and minimize workforce disruptions.
  • By fostering flexibility and adaptability, individuals and organizations can emerge stronger and pave the way toward sustainable success.


The recent wave of layoffs among tech giants underlines the importance of agility and strategic decision-making in dealing with uncertain times. As companies realign priorities and streamline operations, the resiliency of the tech industry drives innovation and growth. By prioritizing employee well-being and embracing change, individuals and organizations can overcome challenges and achieve lasting success in the evolving technological landscape.

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