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Taylor Swift’s Surprising Family Connection to Emily Dickinson: Exclusive Details

An unexpected family tie has been uncovered, revealing that Taylor Swift shares a familial bond with the renowned American poet Emily Dickinson. Let’s explore this fascinating discovery and its implications for the celebrated singer-songwriter.

Genealogical Revelation:

Relationship Dynamics: A Closer Look
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    1. Ancestry, a prominent genealogy company, has unveiled the familial connection between Taylor Swift and Emily Dickinson.
    2. According to Ancestry’s findings, Swift and Dickinson are sixth cousins, three times removed, tracing back to a common 17th-century English immigrant who settled in Windsor, Connecticut.

Historical Background: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

  • Both Swift and Dickinson are descendants of early settlers in Windsor, Connecticut, with Swift’s ancestors residing in the region for six generations before eventually moving to northwestern Pennsylvania.

Literary Influence:

  • Swift has openly referenced Emily Dickinson and her poetic legacy, drawing parallels between her own songwriting style and Dickinson’s literary prowess.
  • In a 2022 acceptance speech for the Songwriter-Artist of the Decade Award, Swift likened her lyrics to the writing style of Dickinson’s era, labeling it as the “Quill genre.”

Album Inspirations:


  • Speculation arose among fans regarding the influence of Emily Dickinson on Swift’s music, particularly her ninth studio album, “Evermore.”
  • Swift announced the release of “Evermore” on December 10, 2020, coinciding with Dickinson’s birthday. Additionally, similarities were noted between Dickinson’s poetry and the album’s themes.

Artistic Vision:

  • Swift’s creative vision for her album covers also draws inspiration from the era in which Dickinson lived.
  • The cover concept for “Folklore,” Swift’s preceding album, envisioned a scene reminiscent of 1830, the year of Dickinson’s birth, showcasing a girl sleepwalking through a forest in a nightgown.

Conclusion: The revelation of Taylor Swift’s familial connection to Emily Dickinson adds a new dimension to the singer’s artistic identity and influences. As fans delve deeper into the parallels between their works, it underscores the timeless nature of creativity and the interwoven threads of history and artistry. Stay tuned for further insights into this intriguing lineage discovery and its impact on Swift’s musical journey.

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