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Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor unveil ‘Kapkapiii’ horror comedy

Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor, two well-known names of Bollywood, have come together once again for an upcoming horror comedy film titled “Kapkapiii”. Directed by Sangeet Sivan, known for his works like “Kyaa Kool Hain Hum” and “Apna Sapna Money Money”, the film promises to bring a unique blend of laughter and scares to the audience.


The announcement of “Kapkapiii” has raised excitement among fans, especially considering the successful collaboration between Talpade and Kapoor in the past. The pair has previously worked together in the popular “Golmaal” franchise, where their on-screen chemistry was highly appreciated. With Sivan at the helm, known for his expertise in comedy and entertainment, expectations are high for this latest venture.


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Talpade’s Insights

Sharing his thoughts on the project, Talpade expressed excitement about the prospect of providing audiences with a genuine horror-comedy experience. In a statement, he mentioned, “Today, when most films around us lean towards thrillers or patriotic themes, audiences can expect a refreshing change with ‘Kapkapiii’. While there will be laugh-out-loud moments, there will also be scenes Will really send shivers down your spine.”

Reunion and harmony

For Talpade, working on “Kapkapiii” also marks a reunion with Kapoor and Sivan, increasing the camaraderie on the set. Talpade spoke warmly about the relationship he shared with his co-star and director and called them “your two brothers”. She highlights the maturity in performance that comes with years of experience, indicating that both she and Kapoor have grown as actors over time.

Kapoor’s point of view:

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Kapoor echoed Talpade’s sentiments, expressing his excitement about exploring a new character in the comedy-horror genre. Kapoor, who previously worked with Sivan in the film “Kya Kool Hain Hum”, appreciated the positive atmosphere on the set and the opportunity to work with the talented team once again. He hinted that his character lies within the realm of comedy and horror but is different from his previous roles, suggesting a fresh and interesting portrayal.

Creative Collaboration

With a talented ensemble cast, including Sonia Rathee, Siddhi Idnani and others, “Kappakapii” promises to be an entertaining cinematic experience. Director Sivan’s vision for the film involves a seamless blend of elements of comedy and horror to keep the audience engaged throughout. The collaboration between the cast and crew reflects a shared passion for storytelling and a commitment to delivering a memorable film.

Production Progress

As the production of “Kapkapiii” progresses under the guidance of director Sivan, the anticipation among fans is increasing. As the release date approaches, updates from the sets, glimpses of behind-the-scenes moments and promotional activities are eagerly awaited. With each step forward, the excitement around the film continues to grow, setting the stage for a successful venture.

Anticipated Release

Although the official release date of “Kapkapiii” has not been announced yet, expectations are high regarding its arrival in theatres. As horror-comedy enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to experience the thrills and laughs that the film promises to deliver, the buzz surrounding its release continues to grow. With talented actors, an experienced director and an interesting premise, “Kapkapiii” has all the ingredients to enthrall the audience and carve out its place in the comedy-horror landscape of Bollywood.


“Kapkapiii” emerges as an exciting addition to the horror-comedy genre, offering a fresh take on the genre with its talented cast and crew. With the reunion of Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor along with the expertise of director Sangeet Sivan, the film promises to entertain the audience with a mix of humor and scares. As anticipation grows and production moves forward, fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience the magic of “Kapkapiii” on the big screen.

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