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“Sexy Beast” Prequel Series – A Missed Mark in the Crime Drama Genre

Paramount+ attempts to revive the gritty allure of the 2000 crime thriller “Sexy Beast” with a prequel series, but unfortunately, it falls short of expectations. The lackluster chemistry, simplistic storyline, and bizarrely perverted violence contribute to the overall disappointment of this spinoff to the Ray Winstone-starring gangster film.

1. The Dull Chemistry and Simplistic Storyline:

Sexy Beast
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  • Late-In-Life Prequel: Set eight years before the original film, the series delves into the backstory of Gal, portrayed by James McArdle, and his partner Don, played by Emun Elliott. However, the dynamics between the characters lack the complexity seen in the film.
  • Predictable Outcomes: As a prequel, much of the series’ outcomes are predetermined. The engagement of young Gal to Marjorie and his eventual connection with Deedee (played by Sarah Greene) follow expected trajectories, leaving little room for surprise.

2. Deedee’s Intriguing Plotline:“Sexy Beast”

  • Heart of “Sexy Beast”: Deedee remains a pivotal character, as she was in the film. Greene’s performance stands out, offering a compelling plotline that explores her role as a young porn star gaining agency within her work while navigating a romantic entanglement with the young thief Gal.
  • Striking Performance: Greene’s portrayal brings depth to a character that could seamlessly fit into the surreal and tender vision of the original film, contrasting with the one-dimensional nature of the rest of the series.

3. Violence with Perverted Undertones:

  • Weirdly Perverted Violence: The series introduces violence intertwined with sexual perversion, particularly through the character Teddy. The overtness of these elements adds a discomforting layer, deviating from the nuanced portrayal of crime in the original film.
  • Unnecessary Additions: While the heists and violence may have their moments, the overall series, except for Deedee and Gal’s love story, feels one-note. The dynamics between characters lack the depth brought to the screen by the original cast.

4. Missed Opportunities and Lack of Purpose:

Sexy Beast Prequel Series
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  • Questionable Relevance: The prequel raises questions about its purpose, especially for fans of the film. With a limited exploration of characters and a basic plot, the series struggles to justify its existence, especially when compared to the original’s 85-minute masterpiece.
  • Cast Dynamics: Despite individual efforts, the enthusiasm of the cast appears to wane as the series progresses. The penultimate episode, focused on a stag do, adds little value for both fans and newcomers, leaving the overall impact in question.


“Sexy Beast” as a prequel series fails to capture the essence and complexity of the original film. With dull chemistry, a simplistic plot, and oddly perverted violence, the show struggles to make a meaningful contribution to the crime drama genre. While Deedee’s storyline stands out, the overall execution leaves viewers questioning the necessity of revisiting the world of “Sexy Beast” in this format. In the realm of TV adaptations, careful consideration of purpose is crucial, as not every successful film may translate effectively to the small screen.

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