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RP Singh Criticizes Rohit Sharma’s Approach Ahead of IND vs ENG 3rd Test

Former Indian cricketer RP Singh has expressed concern over Rohit Sharma’s performance in the ongoing Test series against England, highlighting the captain’s cautious and over-thinking approach. With India facing key absences, including Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Shreyas Iyer, Sharma’s role becomes even more pivotal. Here’s a breakdown of Singh’s observations:

Rohit Sharma’s Struggles at the Crease

Rohit Sharma's Struggles at the Crease

Rohit Sharma, India’s stand-in captain, has faced difficulties in finding his form during the Test series against England. Despite being the linchpin of India’s batting unit, Sharma has only managed modest scores of 24, 39, 14, and 13 in the first two Tests.

RP Singh The Concerning Shift in Approach

RP Singh The Concerning Shift in Approach

Singh highlights Sharma’s perplexing change in approach, noting a stark departure from his aggressive style seen in the ODI World Cup. Despite Rohit’s previous aggressive stance, he now appears hesitant and cautious at the crease.

Critical Moments in the Series

Key moments in the series underscore Sharma’s struggle to find his rhythm. In the first Test, Sharma’s attempt to take on left-arm spinner Jack Leach resulted in a caught-out dismissal. Subsequently, in the second Test, Sharma’s dismissal to debutant Shoaib Bashire showcased a lack of aggression and intent.

A Departure from Free-Flowing Batting

Singh points out Sharma’s departure from his usual free-flowing style, evident in his passive approach during his innings in Visakhapatnam. Sharma’s failure to attempt attacking shots reflects a significant shift in his batting mentality.

Looking Ahead to the 3rd Test

Looking Ahead to the 3rd Test india

As India prepares for the 3rd Test against England, Sharma’s performance will be under scrutiny. With critical absences in the lineup, Sharma’s ability to lead from the front becomes imperative for India’s success in the series.


RP Singh’s critique sheds light on Rohit Sharma’s struggles and the need for a recalibration of his approach. As the series progresses, all eyes will be on Sharma’s response and his ability to adapt to the challenges posed by the English bowling attack. The 3rd Test presents a crucial opportunity for Sharma to assert his authority and lead India to victory.

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