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Royal Sense IPO: Spectacular Listing on Stock Market

Royal Sense IPO has made a great start in the stock market and investors have started getting excellent returns of 90% on the very first day. With its listing on the BSE SME platform at Rs. 129.20, the IPO has attracted the attention of some investors.

Listing Details

  • Listing Price: Rs. 129.20
  • Return to Investors: 90%
  • Lower Circuit: 5%
  • Current Market Price: Rs. 122.74

Royal Sense IPO Details

Royal Sense IPO

  • Lot Size: 2000 shares
  • Minimum Investment: Rs. 1,36,000
  • Opening Date: March 15, 2024
  • Closing Date: March 19, 2024
  • Issue Size: Rs. 9.86 crore
  • Fresh Shares Issued: 14.50 lakh

Subscription Details

  • Day 1: 0.71 times
  • Day 2: 1.53 times
  • Day 3: 8.52 times

Promoters’ Stake

Promoters' Stake

Before the IPO, the promoters held a 99.99% stake in the company, which has now reduced to 67.15% post-issue.


Royal Sense IPO has created a stir in the investment community with its stellar listing performance and strong subscription numbers. Investors are keenly keeping an eye on the future of the company as it continues its journey in the stock market. Subscribe to our notifications for further updates on this exciting IPO and stay tuned!

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