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Rhea Ripley Reacts to AEW Star’s Mention: A Surprising Twist

Rhea Ripley, the powerhouse of WWE, recently found herself in the spotlight after a surprising mention by a top talent from rival promotion AEW. Here’s what went down and Ripley’s response to the unexpected shout-out.

The Background: AEW’s Max Caster Takes a Shot

During a high-stakes match at Double or Nothing 2023, Max Caster of The Acclaimed, a prominent tag team in AEW, dropped a bombshell in his pre-match rap verse. He referenced Rhea Ripley’s on-screen partnership with Dominik Mysterio from their WWE days, catching many by surprise.

Rhea Ripley’s Reaction: “That Was a Mistake”

Rhea Ripley's Reaction

In an interview with Marc Raimondi, Ripley shared her thoughts on the unexpected reference. She admitted that neither she nor her partner, Buddy Matthews (formerly known as Buddy Murphy in WWE), anticipated the mention. Ripley pointed out that while it did get them trending on Twitter, it inadvertently shifted the focus from Caster and his team to them, which she deemed a miscalculation on their part.

Ripley’s Insight: “We’re Boring People”

Despite the buzz surrounding her personal and professional life, Ripley recently made a candid revelation about herself and Matthews. In an interview with Lucha Libre Online, she confessed that they lead relatively mundane lives outside of the wrestling ring. The engaged couple, who are yet to set a wedding date, described their routine as work, gym, and home, suggesting they might not be prime candidates for a reality TV show.

Looking Ahead: Elimination Chamber 2024

As Ripley gears up to defend her Women’s World title against Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber 2024, fans are buzzing with anticipation. Will Ripley’s dominance continue, or will Nia Jax prove to be the irresistible force that dethrones her? The WWE universe waits with bated breath for the outcome of this epic showdown.

In conclusion, Rhea Ripley’s recent experiences offer a fascinating glimpse into the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where unexpected twists and personal revelations keep fans engaged both inside and outside the ring. As the saga unfolds, one thing is certain: Rhea Ripley’s journey is far from over, and her resilience continues to inspire fans around the world.

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