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Rashmika Mandanna Opens Up About Taking a Stand Against Deepfake Videos

In a recent interview, popular actress Rashmika Mandanna shared insights into why she took a stand against deepfake videos. Speaking with We Are Yuvaa, the South and Bollywood star highlighted the importance of raising awareness about this issue to empower others. Rashmika acknowledged that speaking out could lead to some questioning her role in the industry but deemed it necessary for the greater good.

1. Why Rashmika Mandanna Reacted to Deepfake Issue:

Rashmika Mandanna Reacted to Deepfake Issue

  • Necessity of Awareness: Rashmika Mandanna emphasized the necessity of taking a stand on the deepfake issue to make others aware. She expressed her awareness that speaking against it might invite criticism, with some suggesting she is part of the industry.
  • Social Responsibility: The actress believes that being well-informed about such matters is crucial, especially for younger girls who need to understand that deepfake content exists on social media. Rashmika wants people to grasp the impact of such content on an individual’s mental and emotional health.

2. Mental and Emotional Health Impact:

Rashmika Mandanna deepfake talk (1)

  • Effect on College-Going Individuals: Rashmika highlighted that if such incidents had occurred during her college days, support might not have been readily available due to societal norms. She stressed the influence of social structures on how people react to these situations.
  • Raising Awareness: By speaking out, Rashmika aims to shed light on the mental and emotional toll such incidents can take. She believes it is essential for society to understand the impact on an individual’s mental health, emphasizing the need for empathy and support.

3. Social Media and Public Perception:

  • Public Reaction: Rashmika Mandanna acknowledged that societal norms often dictate the public’s reaction to such incidents. She recognized that taking a stand against deepfake videos might invite criticism, but she chose to prioritize creating awareness over potential backlash.
  • Industry Perception: The actress highlighted the challenges of addressing such issues within the entertainment industry, where societal norms may influence perceptions and reactions. Despite this, Rashmika remains committed to using her platform for positive change.

Rashmika Mandanna’s decision to address the issue of deepfake videos showcases her commitment to social responsibility and awareness. By speaking out, she aims to empower individuals, especially young girls, to understand the implications of such content on mental and emotional health. Rashmika’s stand emphasizes the importance of using one’s influence to advocate for positive change in societal attitudes.

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