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Rafaela Justus comes out after surgery: fans express their affection | Radiant presence at family event

Rafaela Justus, daughter of Roberto Justus and Titianne Pinheiro, charmed fans by sharing new photos on her social media last Sunday. Following her recent rhinoplasty, the teen looked radiant while attending a family event. Along with her father and stepmother, Rafaela graced her younger sister Vicky’s first fashion show.

stylish elegance

Rafaella Justus

Opting for a carefully crafted yet elegant look, the young lady stood alongside her family. In the snapshot shared, Rafaela posed with her younger sister and single, showcasing her post-surgery beauty.

full support

The recent photoshoot is one of the first images shared by Rafaela after the procedure. He received many compliments on social media, including heartfelt messages from his family. Ana Paula Siebert, Ticiane Pinheiro and Roberto Justus expressed their love and pride for the young woman.

Recovery and results

Rafaela underwent rhinoplasty and septum repair in February and has been recovering cautiously since then. Recent photographs show the results of the operation. While the family faced criticism for the influencer’s young age, Ticiane Pinheiro supported her daughter’s decision.

Before and after: Rafaela Justus ‘ rhinoplasty

Rafaella Justus

Rafaela Justus recently revealed her new nose after rhinoplasty, causing her transformation to attract attention. Compare before and after!

important ideas

Rhinoplasty in adolescence raises concerns about potential risks. Plastic surgeon Dr. Regis Ramos clarified some points regarding the procedure in teens. While surgery is usually recommended from age 16, it can be done earlier with caution, especially for functional improvement.


Rafaela Justus’ journey highlights the complexities and considerations associated with plastic surgery, especially in adolescence. While their transformation has prompted conversation, it underscores the importance of informed decision-making and responsible medical guidance in such procedures.

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