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Rafa Kalimann Gives ‘Spoiler’ of Costume and Intensifies Samba Lessons for Debut at Sapucaí: ‘I’m Sorry for Taking So Long’

What a year it has been for Rafa Kalimann! The actress and presenter is counting down the days to her debut at Marquês de Sapucaí as a muse for Imperatriz Leopoldinense, the reigning champion of Rio de Janeiro’s carnival. With a new home and an upcoming role in the next 7 p.m. soap opera, Família é Tudo, Rafa shares exclusively with gshow how she is dealing with so many new developments in her life and career.

Rafa Kalimann Excitement for Carnival

Rafa Kalimann

Rafa expresses her excitement for the upcoming carnival and her gratitude for the warm welcome she has received from Imperatriz Leopoldinense. She feels deeply connected to the school and is eager to showcase her love and respect for the carnival tradition.

Samba Lessons


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Despite being a newcomer to the world of samba, Rafa has been dedicated to learning the art form. She describes her progress in samba as rapid and credits the supportive community for helping her improve. With private lessons at home, she feels more confident and ready to take on the challenge of performing on the grand stage.

Support from Icons

Rafa feels blessed to have received guidance from renowned figures such as Carlinhos de Jesus and Ana Botafogo, as well as support from friends like Sabrina Sato and Luiza Brunet. Their encouragement and advice have bolstered her confidence as she prepares for her debut at Sapucaí.

Costume Teaser

Rafa Kalimann

While keeping her costume under wraps, Rafa hints at its theme, which will pay homage to the culture of the Roma people. She is excited about the connection between her costume and her personal experiences, including her time on Big Brother Brazil.

Upcoming Projects

In addition to her carnival debut, Rafa has a busy year ahead with roles in television, film, and streaming platforms. She is eager to showcase her versatility as an actress and hopes to deliver performances that resonate with audiences.


Rafa Kalimann’s journey from reality television to the carnival stage reflects her passion for the arts and her commitment to exploring new opportunities. As she prepares for her debut at Sapucaí, she remains grateful for the support of her fans and mentors, ready to embrace the next chapter of her career with enthusiasm and determination.

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