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R Ashwin Reveals His Struggles to Gain MS Dhoni’s Approval

Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, a standout bowler with over 516 Test wickets, recently shared an inspiring tale from his early cricketing days involving none other than MS Dhoni. At a recent launch event for his new book, “I Have the Streets – A Kutti Cricket Story,” Ashwin opened up about his journey to gaining Dhoni’s attention and approval.

R Ashwin’s Journey with Chennai Super Kings

R Ashwin's Journey with Chennai Super Kings

In 2008, Ashwin was a young, aspiring cricketer in the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) squad. Despite being part of the team, he was relatively unknown to MS Dhoni, the captain of CSK. Reflecting on those days, Ashwin revealed, “MS Dhoni didn’t even know someone like me existed in 2008. So, I made it my life goal, from 2009, to get the wicket of MS Dhoni.”

Making an Impression

Ashwin’s breakthrough moment came during the Challenger Trophy in Nagpur. He recalled, “I bowled an unbelievable spell in the Challenger Trophy in Nagpur. MS struggled throughout the spell. Once, when he tried to play, the ball went through the gates. I got him out in the final.” This performance marked a turning point, leading Dhoni to recognize Ashwin’s potential and skill.

Rising Through the Ranks

Despite playing only two games in IPL 2009, Ashwin’s perseverance paid off. By 2010, he had become a crucial part of CSK’s lineup, significantly contributing to the team’s first IPL title. Ashwin credited Dhoni’s belief in his abilities, stating, “If MS decides a horse is not ready to race, he won’t use you. He needs to know you’re a horse. But once he knows you’re a horse, he will look past you only when you feel like giving up.”

Personal Reflections and Future Aspirations

R Ashwin

Ashwin’s book, co-authored with sports journalist Sidharth Monga, offers a deep dive into his life, from his childhood playing cricket in the streets of Ramakrishnapuram to his rise in professional cricket. The book also highlights the influence of his family, particularly his grandfather, on his cricketing journey.

Recently joining India Cements, Ashwin is poised to take charge of the Chennai Super Kings High Performance Centre. This move hints at his potential return to CSK for the next IPL season.

FAQs: R Ashwin’s Journey to Gaining MS Dhoni’s Approval

1. What is the title of R Ashwin’s new book?

The title of Ashwin’s new book is “I Have the Streets – A Kutti Cricket Story.”

2. How did R Ashwin gain MS Dhoni’s attention?

Ashwin gained Dhoni’s attention by delivering an impressive spell during the Challenger Trophy in Nagpur, where he managed to get Dhoni out in the final.

3. What was R Ashwin’s goal when he was part of the Chennai Super Kings squad?

Ashwin’s goal was to get the wicket of MS Dhoni and prove his worth to the team.

4. How did MS Dhoni influence Ashwin’s career?

Dhoni’s recognition and belief in Ashwin’s abilities played a significant role in his rise through the ranks at CSK.

5. What role is R Ashwin set to take on at the Chennai Super Kings High Performance Centre?

Ashwin is set to take charge of the Chennai Super Kings High Performance Centre, which also leaves the door open for his return to CSK next season.

6. How does R Ashwin describe MS Dhoni’s approach to selecting players?

Ashwin describes Dhoni as someone who needs to see a player’s potential before using them. Once he believes in a player, he continues to support them until they are ready to give up.

7. What does Ashwin’s book reveal about his early cricketing days?

The book reveals R Ashwin’s experiences playing cricket in the streets of Ramakrishnapuram, his early struggles, and the significant influence of his family on his career.

8. What insights does Ashwin provide in his book for aspiring cricketers?

Ashwin shares his hardships and the lessons he learned, aiming to provide a roadmap for aspiring cricketers to help them navigate similar pressures.

9. What personal anecdotes does Ashwin share about his family?

R Ashwin shares stories about his grandfather’s support, including how he would take him to the cricket ground every day after school despite not being fond of Ashwin spending so much time there.

10. How has Ashwin’s perspective evolved over the years?

Ashwin has grown to understand the importance of taking criticism in stride and evolving as both a cricketer and a person, realizing that it’s not always about proving others wrong but about personal growth and refinement.

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