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Paolla Oliveira and Marcello Novaes Heat Up the Screen in ‘Justiça 2’: Fans React to Steamy Scenes

The debut of the series ‘Justiça 2’ on Globoplay on Thursday (11) has been making waves on social media. A specific sequence caught the audience’s attention, particularly a steamy sex scene featuring Paolla Oliveira and Marcello Novaes in episode 4.

The Sensational Scene

Paolla Oliveira and Marcello Novaes play the characters Jordana

  • Sizzling Chemistry: Paolla Oliveira and Marcello Novaes play the characters Jordana and Egisto, respectively, in the series. Jordana, a successful businesswoman in the music industry, and Egisto, her former security guard, find themselves entangled in a passionate and intense relationship.
  • Online Reactions: Fans took to social media platforms, including the former Twitter, to express their reactions to the scintillating scene. Comments praising the actors’ performances and the intensity of the moment flooded the internet soon after the episodes were released.

Fan Reactions

  • Social Media Buzz: Fans couldn’t contain their excitement, with one user expressing, “My God, Marcello Novaes. If I already had a crush on him, now it’s skyrocketed.”
  • Online Chatter: Another fan commented, “What a delight to watch Paolla Oliveira and Marcello Novaes giving it their all and then some.”

Behind the Scenes

Nanda Costa
Pic Credit: Twitter
  • Actress’s Perspective: Nanda Costa, who plays the character Milena in ‘Justiça 2,’ shared her experience of portraying a significant role after becoming a mother. Milena’s storyline intertwines with those of other protagonists, adding depth to the series.

  • Challenges and Support: Nanda Costa, balancing motherhood and work commitments, credits her partner, Lan Lanh, for her unwavering support. She highlights the transformative effect of motherhood on her life and career, emphasizing the importance of a strong support system.

Series Overview

'Justiça 2'

  • Multifaceted Storytelling: ‘Justiça 2’ weaves together the narratives of various characters, including Milena, Balthazar, Jayme, and Geíza, all of whom find themselves entangled in a web of events following a fateful night that lands them in prison.
  • Collaborative Effort: The series, written by Manuela Dias with contributions from Walter Daguerre and João Ademir, promises an engaging and immersive viewing experience, with each character’s story intricately connected to the others.

As ‘Justiça 2′ continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and stellar performances, fans eagerly await further developments in the enthralling saga, eager to see how the characters’ fates unfold.

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