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From Canada to USA: Nitish Kumar’s Journey and Impact in T20 World Cup 2024

On the one hand, the name of Nitish Kumar is in discussion in Indian politics. At the same time, Nitish Kumar’s name also came into the limelight in a match of T20 World Cup 2024. Actually, the 11th match of this mega event was played between the US and Pakistan. In this match, the USA team defeated Pakistan by 5 runs in the super over. Nitish Kumar played an important role in this victory of America.

Actually, America needed 15 runs in the last over. Aron Jones was batting with Nitish Kumar at that time. The last over from Pakistan came to Haris Rauf. Only 3 runs were scored on the first three balls of this over. Jones made the match exciting by hitting a six off the fourth ball of the over. Only one run scored on the fifth ball. Now the responsibility of the team’s victory came on Nitish’s shoulders.

Nitish Kumar hit the last ball

Nitish Kumar

5 runs were needed on the last ball. Nitish Kumar played a shot over the mid-off, making a place on Haris Rauf’s low-flower ball which went for the boundary. With the help of this four, the USA tied the match. The match went into the super over and finally the USA performed historically and defeated Pakistan by 5 runs. Nitish Kumar’s name came into the discussion with the USA victory. Nitish scored an unbeaten 14 off 14 balls.

Nitish has played for Canada

Nitish Kumar was born on 21 May 1994 in Onterio. Nitish has been part of Canada’s Under-15, Under-19 and Under-15 teams for America. Playing for Canada, he made his debut in international cricket in 2009. He got a chance to play in the ODI match against Kenya. After this, Nitish Kumar joined the US team. Nitish has played 16 ODIs and 24 T20 i.

Team cannot be formed without Nitish

The Thursday’s match of T20 World Cup is going to be between Pakistan and USA. There is also a player named Nitish Kumar in the USA team. This match was being discussed in a show and there was mention of USA team. When the names of the players of the USA team came on screen, the show’s host Gaurav Kapoor said that see the third name in this team, Nitish Kumar’s name is. On seeing this, Virender Sehwag laughed and said that this is the most important name in today’s date.

In this cricket show, another commentator Gaurav Kapoor said that no one should be Nitish Kumar in playing 11, because without him a team cannot be formed. Hearing this of Gaurav Kapoor, Zaheer Khan, who was present in the show, also laughed. Then Virender Sehwag spoke- this was the right Guru. On this, Gaurav Kapoor said that then give the name of these, for the player to watch out. On this, Virender Sehwag said that I will not stay, but you should give it at all. When the discussion progressed, Virender Sehwag said that Nitish is his own.

Nitish is an important member of the USA team

Nitish Kumar is an important player of the USA team.

Nitish Kumar is an important player of the USA team. The USA -born players are of Indian origin. Nitish Kumar, who debuted in 2011 for the USA, is a great all -rounder. He has scored 518 runs in 23 T20 international matches. While he has taken 7 wickets in bowling. However, he could not get a chance to bat in the match against Canada.

Nitish Kumar has played International Cricket for two countries

he is one of the Khiladis who have played international cricket from countries. Between 2010-2019, he played a total of 34 matches for Canada, including 16 ODIs and 18 T20 matches. At the same time, he has played 6 T20 International matches for the US team. In 2011, Nitish Kumar reputed Canada to the ODI World Cup held in India.