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Nicolas Prattes and Sabrina Sato Enjoy Carnival Together Amid Affair Rumors

Nicolas Prattes and Sabrina Sato were caught enjoying the second day of the Special Carnival Group parades, on Tuesday (13), increasing rumors of a possible affair between them. The photos show the two together in a cabin in Sapucaí, in Rio de Janeiro, fueling speculation about the relationship.

1. Moment of Fun at Carnival:

Nicolas Prattes and Sabrina Sato Amid Affair Rumors

  • Sabrina Sato, 43, and Nicolas Prattes, 26, were seen enjoying the carnival party together.
  • The images capture the two close to each other, suggesting a special connection between them during the event.

2. Description of the Looks:

  • Sabrina Sato is seen wearing a red, blue and white color ensemble, paired with sunglasses, showing off her vibrant style.
  • Meanwhile, Nicolas Prattes, currently on air at Fuzuê, opted for a black t-shirt for the event, maintaining a relaxed look.

3. Clarification of Rumors:

Clarification of Rumors

  • Despite rumors of a possible romance, Nicolas Prattes recently stated that they are just friends.
  • The actor explained that people tend to make up stories and that they were just among friends in a previously released video.

4. Nicolas Prattes Relationship Status:

Nicolas Prattes

  • Nicolas Prattes has been single since the end of his relationship with Luiza Caldi, while Sabrina Sato announced the end of her marriage to actor Duda Nagle last year.
  • Since then, Sabrina has not publicly assumed any relationship, while Nicolas is also without an official commitment.

5. Presence of Celebrities at Carnival:

  • The sighting of Nicolas Prattes and Sabrina Sato in the Sapucaí box is part of the broader context of Carnival, which attracts several celebrities and personalities.
  • The event is a moment of celebration and relaxation, where celebrities can enjoy the party and interact with their work colleagues and friends.

Sabrina Sato Shares Instagram Story of Waterfall Adventure with Nicolas Prattes


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Sabrina Sato and actor Nicholas Prattes are making social media waves with their recent vacation. Sato took to her Instagram stories to give her followers a glimpse of her picturesque waterfall adventure.

A Paradise Setting

The Instagram story begins with Sato capturing the breathtaking beauty of the waterfall setting. The tranquil sounds of cascading water and lush greenery provide the perfect backdrop for their romantic getaway.

Nicolas Prattes Makes a Splash

As the camera pans, we catch a shirtless Nicolas Prattes playfully posing for the camera. His carefree demeanor adds a touch of spontaneity to the scene, capturing the essence of their carefree vacation vibe.

Romance Blossoms

Sato and Prattes have been enjoying some much-needed downtime together following the hustle and bustle of the Carnival season. Their blossoming romance was officially confirmed during the Champions Parade, where Sato strutted her stuff on the runway. Prattes, when asked about his presence at the sambadrome, couldn’t help but gush about love being his motivation.

Fashionable Moments

Earlier in the day, Sato flaunted her impeccable sense of style, donning a crochet bikini paired with a trendy bucket hat from the renowned brand Loewe. Her fashion-forward choices add an extra flair to their vacation snapshots, earning admiration from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.


As Sabrina Sato and Nicholas Prattes continue to share glimpses of their adventures, fans anxiously await more updates on their whirlwind romance and exotic vacations. Their Instagram-worthy moments serve as inspiration for followers dreaming of their idyllic vacations and picture-perfect love stories.

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