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NHPC Stock: A Power-Packed Journey with 100% Returns in 3 Months and Upcoming Dividend Announcement

NHPC Ltd, a prominent PSU stock in the power sector, has been on a remarkable trajectory, offering investors a multibagger return of 100% in the last 3 months. As it gears up for a dividend announcement, here’s a comprehensive look at NHPC’s dividend history, upcoming dividend yield, and its impressive stock performance.

1. NHPC Stock Dividend Announcement:

  • NHPC Stock has fixed the record date for the next dividend, with the board meeting scheduled on February 12, 2024, to consider unaudited financial results and a proposal for dividend distribution.

2. Dividend Yield and Record Date:

  • NHPC’s dividend yield is approximately 1.83%, calculated based on the closing stock price of Rs 100.63 on BSE. The record date, crucial for determining shareholders’ eligibility, is expected to be finalized in the February 12 board meeting.

3. Dividend Calculation:

  • Dividends are calculated on the face value of each NHPC stock, which currently stands at Rs 10. Investors can anticipate a rewarding return based on the face value.

4. NHPC Dividend History:

  • In 2023, NHPC paid dividends of Rs 0.45 in August and Rs 1.40 in February. In the preceding years, the company consistently rewarded its investors with dividends, including Rs 1.81 in 2022 and Rs 1.60 in 2021.

5. NHPC Stock Performance:

  • NHPC, a constituent of the S&P BSE 200 index, has demonstrated robust stock performance. In the past week, it recorded a positive return of 21%, escalating to 37% in two weeks and an impressive 48% in the last month.

6. Multibagger Returns:

  • The PSU stock has been a wealth creator, offering a multibagger return of 100% in the past three months, 140% in a year, 235% in two years, and an impressive 332% in the last three years.

7. Market Capitalization:

  • As of February 2, 2024, NHPC boasts a substantial market cap of Rs 1,01,083.19 crore, according to BSE analytics.

Investors eyeing the power-packed NHPC stock can anticipate not only capital appreciation but also dividend rewards. The company’s consistent performance and upcoming dividend announcement make NHPC a noteworthy contender in the market. However, investors are advised to consult financial advisors before making investment decisions.

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