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Next Episode Preview: Novela Teresa – Tuesday, February 13

In the upcoming episode of the “Novela Teresa,” viewers will witness the twists and turns in the lives of the characters. Teresa, a young woman driven by ambition and unwilling to work for her social status, continues her journey of deceit and betrayal. Despite the sacrifices made by her parents, Teresa remains unsatisfied and seeks wealth and power through manipulation.

Novela Teresa’s Relationships

Novela Teresa

Novela Teresarelationship with Mariano, who supports her unconditionally, is strained as she prioritizes her own interests over his feelings. She only returns to Mariano when she feels threatened by other women vying for his attention.

Special Programming Alert

Unfortunately, the novel will not be aired due to a special programming schedule on the network.

Sneak Peek into Wednesday’s Episode

Stay tuned for the next episode airing on Wednesday, February 14, where more drama unfolds. Luisa discovers Arthur’s feelings for Teresa, while Teresa grapples with her complicated relationships and faces confrontations with Paulo and Rubens.

Reaching the Audience

For those following the novela, tune in to the reprise airing Monday through Friday on SBT, during the Novelas da Tarde block at 14:20.


Please note that the provided episode summaries are subject to change by the network’s editing process.

Keep following “Teresa” for more drama, romance, and suspense in the lives of its characters.

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