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Mohamed Salah Return to Liverpool: AFCON Injury and Road to Recovery 2024

Liverpool football club has confirmed that star forward Mohamed Salah is returning to England for intensive rehabilitation on an injury sustained during the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). The injury, described as “worse than first feared,” has sparked concerns among fans and initiated a collaborative effort between Liverpool’s medical team and the Egyptian Football Association for Salah’s recovery.

1. The Injury and AFCON Impact:

  • AFCON Knock: Salah picked up a knock during AFCON duty with Egypt, initially ruled to keep him out for two games.
  • Worse Than Feared: A second X-ray revealed a more significant muscle injury, prompting Salah’s return to Liverpool for rehabilitation.

2. Liverpool’s Official Statement:

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  • Rehabilitation Program: Liverpool’s statement outlines Salah’s immediate return to the AXA Training Centre for an intensive rehabilitation program.
  • Agreement with Egyptian FA: Collaboration with the Egyptian FA has been established to ensure the best possible treatment for Salah’s recovery.

3. Egypt’s Medical Team Insight:

  • Back Muscle Strain: Egypt’s national team doctor, Mohamed Abouela, disclosed Salah’s second-degree back muscle strain and the decision to seek treatment in Liverpool.
  • Treatment Progress: Abouela highlighted ongoing treatment efforts with Salah and emphasized the daily evaluation of the player’s recovery.

4. Klopp’s Announcement and Egypt’s Response:

  • Klopp’s Revelation: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp announced Salah’s return, drawing criticism from Egypt head coach Rui Vitoria for the timing and manner of the announcement.
  • Vitoria’s Perspective: Vitoria defended the decision not to disclose Salah’s injury before a crucial game, expressing the need to focus on the match.

5. Salah’s Future and Contract Concerns:

  • Impressive Injury Record: Salah has a history of minimal fitness concerns at Liverpool, making his current injury and recovery period notable.
  • Contract Speculation: Questions arise about the impact of Salah’s injury on his contract, which runs until 2025, as fans ponder the duration of his absence from the pitch.


Mohamed Salah’s return to Liver Pool for injury rehabilitation marks a critical period for both the player and the club. As the football community awaits updates on Salah’s recovery, the incident raises considerations about transparency in injury announcements and the potential impact on long-term contracts. The collaborative efforts between Liverpool and the Egyptian FA underscore the collective commitment to ensuring Salah’s swift and effective recovery.

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