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Brazilian singer Melody’s Birthday Surprise: A Cake that Confused Fans About Her Age!

Celebrating birthdays is always a joyous occasion, but when Brazilian singer Melody decided to blow out the candles on her cake, it left fans scratching their heads. The cake, adorned with ’19’ candles, sparked confusion among followers who believed she was turning 17. Let’s dive into the quirky birthday celebration that had everyone talking.

1. Melody’s Birthday Blunder:

Brazilian singer

  • Age Mismatch: In a recent Instagram post, Melody serenaded herself with a rendition of ‘Parabéns pra você’ (Happy Birthday to You) while standing next to a cake displaying the number ’19’. However, the revelation that she was born in 2007 means she’s actually ringing in her 17th birthday, not 19.
  • Unveiling the Truth: Acknowledging the age mix-up, Melody humorously captioned the Instagram post, stating, “Revealing my true age.” Fans, taken aback by the apparent discrepancy, chimed in with surprise and amusement.

2. Melody’s Age-Defying Reputation:

Melody's Birthday Surprise: A Cake that Confused Fans About Her Age!

  • Forever 16: Melody has long held the reputation of appearing older than her actual age. Even with the confusion surrounding her birthday, fans jokingly remark that they thought she had been 16 for quite some time.
  • Sisters in Age: Among her siblings, she falls in the middle. Her older sister, Bella Angel, is 19, while her younger sister, Mikaella, is just 4. The trio forms a dynamic trio, each with their unique personalities.

3. The Countdown to 17:


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  • Personal Revelations: In a recent Instagram Q&A session, she answered various questions from fans, including some personal details. She revealed that her real name is Gabriela and addressed the long-standing internet joke about her age.
  • Ending the ‘Curse’: she playfully referred to the internet’s ongoing jest about her perpetually being 16. However, she dropped the bomb that her 17th birthday is just around the corner, on February 4.
  • Fan Reactions: Fans were quick to express their surprise, with one follower jokingly stating, “I was five years old, and you were still 16.”

4. The Internet’s Age-Defying Joke:

  • Birthday Buzz: Melody’s birthday celebration has added a new twist to the internet’s ongoing joke about her age. The singer takes it all in good spirits, creating a buzz around her birthday festivities.
  • Counting Down the Days: As she approaches her 17th birthday, fans are eagerly counting down the days to see how she celebrates and whether the age confusion continues to be part of the fun.


Melody’s unconventional birthday celebration, complete with a cake that misled fans about her age, adds a touch of humor to the singer’s persona. As she prepares to turn 17, fans eagerly await the festivities, wondering if Melody will continue to keep everyone guessing about her age in the years to come.

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