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Mari Gonzalez Celebrates Being a Carnival Muse, Talks About Single Life and Friendship with Ex

For many, the year truly begins after Carnival, but for Mari Gonzalez, the hustle started long before. The influencer and former Big Brother Brazil contestant has been juggling her roles as a presenter on BBB24’s Mesacast and as a host and muse of a carnival VIP area in Salvador, Bahia.

1. Mari Gonzalez Busy Schedule

Mari Gonzalez has been keeping busy with her commitments both on and off-screen. As one of the hosts of Mesacast on BBB24, she brings her insights to viewers while also serving as a host and muse at a carnival VIP area in Salvador. Balancing work and festivities, Mari’s schedule is packed with excitement.

2. Reflecting on 2024

In a recent interview at the Camarote Salvador, Mari expressed her gratitude for the opportunities and experiences she’s encountered in 2024 so far. She sees this year as a pivotal moment in her life, filled with achievements and recognition. From her time in the Big Brother Brazil house to her current roles, Mari embraces each challenge with enthusiasm.

3. Embracing Single Life

Amidst her professional endeavors, Mari Gonzalez also addressed her personal life, particularly her current single status. Despite any challenges, Mari embraces this phase of independence and growth, focusing on her career and personal development.

4. Friendship with Ex

During her interview, Mari touched upon her amicable relationship with her ex-partner. While details were not provided, Mari’s acknowledgment of their friendship highlights maturity and respect, setting a positive example for handling past relationships with grace.


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As Mari Gonzalez navigates her busy schedule and embraces new opportunities, she exudes positivity and gratitude for the experiences that come her way. From her professional achievements to her personal growth, Mari’s journey serves as inspiration for others to pursue their dreams and cherish the moments of success along the way.

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