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Maiara Rekindles Relationship with Matheus Gabriel After Four Months Apart

Country singer Maiara Rekindles, recently took to social media to share some exciting news with her fans – she is back in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Matthias Gabriel. The confirmation came after weeks of speculation and anticipation among his followers.

Social Media Clues

Maiara Rekindles Relationship with Matheus Gabriel

Maiara Rekindles surprised fans by posting a cryptic video showing her and Matthias Gabriel embracing in a romantic moment. Although the audio is muted, Maiara Rekindles tagged her boyfriend in the post, leaving no room for doubt about their relationship status. But that wasn’t the only clue – during a live session, Myra showed off the commitment ring she received from Matthews, sparking further speculation about their reunion.

Signs of Reconciliation Maiara Rekindles and Matthias Gabriel

Maiara Rekindles Relationship with Matheus Gabriel

Maiara Rekindles shared a photo of a bouquet of flowers along with a note, “Te amo! Ja deu certo” (I love you! It’s already working), which hinted at the rekindling of their romance. Is indicated to happen. Another photo posted by Myra showed a glimpse of a manly leg on the bed next to her, with the caption wishing her a peaceful sleep.

Reflections on Past Separation

Maiara Rekindles Relationship with Matheus Gabriel

The couple have been reunited after Myra and Matthias split last October. At the time, Myra candidly shared with her fans that although they were no longer romantically involved, they remained friends with mutual respect. She expressed her gratitude to her ex-boyfriend and insisted that their decision to part ways was amicable.

Lessons Learned


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Mayra’s tumultuous past relationship with Fernando Zor of the Fernando e Sorocaba duo taught her valuable lessons about the complexities of love and relationships. Despite their on-again, off-again romance, Myra stresses her determination not to repeat the cycle with Matthias Gabriel.

Meet Matheus Gabriel

Meet Matheus Gabriel

Like Myra, Matthias Gabriel is a talented singer and songwriter. The 27-year-old artist, who hails from São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, has made a name for himself with hits like “Beijo Vagabundo” and “Fil Seprado.” His songwriting ability is evident in tracks such as “Da Intimide Para Ver” performed by the renowned duo Israel e Rodolfo.


As Myra and Matthias Gabriel begin this new chapter in their relationship, fans are eagerly anticipating the journey ahead. Their reunion is a reminder of the resilience of love and the power of forgiveness and second chances. Let’s wish this musical couple all the happiness and success as they navigate the ups and downs of love together.

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