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Luna’s Jealousy Threatens Relationship with Miguel in Fuzuê

In the latest developments on Globo’s soap opera Fuzuê, Luna finds herself once again consumed by jealousy, putting her relationship with Miguel at risk. Despite her past mistakes, Luna allows her jealousy towards Julião to cloud her judgment, leading to heated arguments with Miguel and even involving his family in the drama.

Jealousy Over Rebeca:

Jealousy Over Rebeca
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Luna’s jealousy escalates when she becomes suspicious of the attention Miguel’s family is giving to Rebeca, a Federal Police delegate. Her insecurities peak when she witnesses Miguel and Rebeca together for the first time, sharing intimate moments while discussing work.

Fury and Concealed Feelings:

Although Luna is overwhelmed with fury, she chooses to conceal her feelings initially. However, as the situation intensifies, she finds it increasingly difficult to hide her resentment towards Rebeca and Miguel’s growing closeness.

Unbearable Situation:

The situation reaches a breaking point when Rebeca invites Miguel to assist her in an investigation involving jewelry smuggling. Spending significant time together, including visits to Miguel’s house, exacerbates Luna’s feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

Fuzuê’s Final Episodes:

Fuzuê's Final Episodes:

Written by Gustavo Reiz and supervised by Ricardo Linhares, Fuzuê is set to air its final episodes until March 1st. As the drama unfolds, viewers can expect tensions to rise as Luna’s jealousy threatens to derail her relationship with Miguel.

What’s Next:

As Fuzuê approaches its conclusion, fans can anticipate gripping developments and emotional twists. Stay tuned to witness how Luna’s jealousy impacts her relationship and whether Miguel can navigate through the turmoil.

Upcoming Soap Opera:

Soap Opera
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Following Fuzuê, Família É Tudo by Daniel Ortiz will take its place. Ortiz, known for his work on Haja Coração (2016) and Salve-se Quem Puder (2020), promises another captivating storyline for viewers to enjoy.

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