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Luana Piovani lost the case against Pedro Scooby and can no longer speak about him: ‘gagged’

Actress Luana Piovani has lost her legal battle against her ex-husband Pedro Scobi and is now banned from speaking publicly about him. Due to this decision she has become silent and restricted in expressing her thoughts and ideas about their relationship.

Luana Piovani’s background

Luana Piovani
Pic Credit: Instagram

Luana Piovani has been vocal about her personal life on social media, often sharing her experiences and opinions with her followers. However, his outspokenness led to legal action from Pedro Scooby, who felt that his comments were damaging to his reputation.

outcome of the case

The court ruled in favor of Pedro Scobi, and granted him a restraining order against Luana Piovani. As a result, he is no longer allowed to discuss them in any public forum, including social media platforms and interviews.

Luana’s reaction

Luana Piovani

Luana Piovani has expressed frustration and disappointment over the court’s decision, stating that she feels “closed in” and unable to speak her truth openly. They believe that they should have the right to share their experiences without fear of legal consequences.


This legal battle highlights the complexities of maintaining personal relationships in the age of social media. It raises questions about freedom of expression, privacy rights, and power dynamics between public figures and the media.

Luana Piovani’s defeat in the lawsuit against Pedro Scobi has sparked discussion about the limits of freedom of expression and the legal protections given to individuals in the public eye. It is a reminder of the importance of responsible communication and the potential consequences of sharing personal information online.

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