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Kelly Rizzo Responds to Criticism About Moving on from Bob Saget’s Death

Actress and podcaster Kelly Rizzo faced criticism after starting a new relationship with Breckin Meyer, two years following the passing of her husband, Bob Saget. In a heartfelt TikTok video, she addressed the judgment she received and emphasized the individual nature of grieving and moving forward.

1. Defending Kelly Rizzo’s Choice:

  • Rizzo shared a video on TikTok responding to a user who supported her decision to move on with Breckin Meyer.
  • She emphasized that unless someone has experienced the loss of a spouse, they cannot understand the complexities of the grieving process.

2. Complex Feelings of Grief:

Kelly Rizzo

  • Rizzo opened up about the feelings of guilt, shame, and loneliness that widows and widowers often experience.
  • Despite having the support of Saget’s family and friends, she struggled with mixed emotions about starting to date again.

3. Individual Timelines:

  • Acknowledging that everyone’s grieving process is unique, Rizzo explained that the timeline for moving on varies for each person.
  • She highlighted that judgment has no place in such deeply personal matters, as everyone copes differently with loss.

4. Honoring Bob Saget:

Kelly Rizzo
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  • Rizzo expressed her ongoing love and respect for Bob Saget, emphasizing that he will always be a part of her life.
  • She appreciated finding someone who understands and respects her connection to Saget while also supporting her in moving forward.

Conclusion: Kelly Rizzo’s response to criticism about her new relationship sheds light on the complexities of grief and the importance of respecting individual journeys. Her message highlights the need for empathy and understanding in discussions surrounding loss and moving forward.

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