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Kansas City Chiefs’ BJ Thompson Recovers After Cardiac Arrest

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end BJ Thompson experienced a harrowing medical emergency during a team meeting on Thursday. The 25-year-old second-year pro suffered a seizure that led to cardiac arrest at the Chiefs’ practice facility. Quick actions by teammates and medical staff ensured his survival and ongoing recovery.

Swift Response Saves a Life

Thompson’s medical crisis unfolded just before the Chiefs were scheduled for their final voluntary workout of the offseason. As Thompson began to seize, kicker Harrison Butker immediately sprang into action, alerting the team’s athletic trainers. Assistant trainers Julie Frymyer and David Glover, along with head trainer Rick Burkholder, responded promptly. Dr. Jean-Philippe Darche, from the nearby Kansas Health Sports Medicine and Performance Center, soon joined the effort.

The team’s well-practiced emergency action plan came into play. Thompson was stabilized on the floor, and after he went into cardiac arrest, the team administered CPR and delivered one AED shock. Remarkably, Thompson was in cardiac arrest for less than a minute and a half before his heart was restarted.

BJ Thompson: Recovery and Prognosis

BJ Thompson

BJ Thompson was rushed to the University of Kansas Health System, where he was placed on a ventilator and heavily sedated. By Friday, he was brought out of sedation and was awake and responsive. Trainer Rick Burkholder provided an update, expressing optimism about Thompson’s recovery. “He’s alert. He’s awake. He’s coming through quite well,” Burkholder said. Although a definitive diagnosis has yet to be determined, Thompson’s condition continues to improve.

Team Support and Heroic Efforts

The Chiefs’ organization, from players to staff, has rallied around Thompson. The team’s quick response underscores the importance of emergency preparedness. Head coach Andy Reid praised the team’s handling of the situation, noting the collective effort to ensure Thompson’s safety. “Our players, security staff, coaching staff — they were phenomenal in handling the crisis,” Reid said.

Special recognition was given to Harrison Butker for his immediate response. Despite recent controversies surrounding Butker, his actions during Thompson’s emergency have been widely commended. Chiefs safety Justin Reid highlighted the familial bond among teammates, emphasizing the deep care they have for each other.

Looking Ahead

Thompson, a fifth-round draft pick out of Stephen F. Austin in 2022, had a limited role during his rookie season. He played in the regular-season finale against the Chargers, recording two tackles. As the Chiefs prepare for their mandatory minicamp and upcoming training camp in July, the focus remains on Thompson’s health and recovery.

The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of readiness. The Chiefs’ organization exemplifies how preparedness and teamwork can make a critical difference in emergencies.

BJ Thompson’s journey to recovery continues, supported by his team and medical professionals. His resilience and the swift actions of those around him have turned a frightening episode into a story of hope and unity.

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