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International Happiness Day 2024: Practice these yogasanas to stay happy, you will get relief from stress

International Happiness Day: Every person wants to be happy but often small and big problems in life distract the person, which increases the state of anxiety and depression. Due to this the person is not able to remain happy and starts getting worried.

International Happiness Day Date:

In search of happiness, people around the world celebrate International Happiness Day every year on 20 March. The United Nations started celebrating this day in 2013. However, the resolution to celebrate Happiness Day was passed on 12 July 2012. Bhutan was the first to celebrate Happiness Day and highlight the importance of national happiness. Today people are adopting various methods and activities to remain happy.

International Day of Happiness

The easiest way to be happy is to include yoga in your life. Happiness is an emotion emanating from your brain. If your mind feels calm and relaxed then you will feel happy but anxiety, depression and overthinking hinder happiness. In such a situation, practicing some yogasanas helps in keeping the mind calm, worry-free and happy.

Let us know which yoga should be done to remain happy.



The practice of Vajrasana is helpful in keeping the mind calm. Along with this, Vajrasana provides relief from stomach problems and lethargy. To practice this asana, slowly lower your knees while keeping your arms at your sides and sit on the mat with your knees bent. Place the pelvis on the heels with the toes pointing outwards. Place the palms above the knees in Prathimudra. Now straighten your back and look forward. Stay in this position for some time, later come back to normal position.



If you are a victim of depression then Uttanasana will prove to be very helpful. This keeps the mind calm. To practice Uttanasana, stand straight on the mat and take a deep breath and move your hands upward. Then while exhaling, bend forward and touch the ground with both hands. Try to touch your toes while keeping your hands down on the ground. During this, keep the knees straight. Stay in this position for some time, then exhale and move your hands up and stand in the normal position. The problem of sleep also goes away with this yoga.


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The body becomes flexible with this asana. Practicing this yoga asana provides mental peace and reduces stress. Even if you are suffering from insomnia, practicing this asana is beneficial. To do Balasana, sit on the ground in Vajrasana position and while inhaling, raise both your hands straight above the head. Now exhale and bend forward. Keeping your palms and head on the ground, take a long breath and exhale. Joining the fingers of the hands together, gently place the head between the two palms. After some time, come back to the old position.

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