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Holika Dahan 2024 Muhurta: Auspicious time of Holika Dahan, the shadow of Bhadra will remain till this time

Holika Dahan 2024: The festival of Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of Phalgun month and Rangotsav is celebrated the next day on Chaitra Krishna Pratipada Tithi. According to religious beliefs, Holika Dahan is the festival of victory of good over evil.

This year Holika Dahan will be under the shadow of Bhadrakal along with lunar eclipse. This year, a lunar eclipse is going to occur on Holi after about 100 years. In such a situation, let us know how long will the auspicious time of Holika Dahan last.

When is Holika Dahan 2024 and Rangotsav?

Holika Dahan 2024

Purnima Tithi will start at 9:56 am on March 24 and Purnima Tithi will end at 12:30 am on March 25. According to religious beliefs, Holika Dahan is performed on Bhadra Tithi as well as on Purnima Tithi. This time Holika Dahan will be celebrated on 24th March and Rangotsav will be celebrated on 25th March.

Shadow of Bhadra on Holika Dahan (Holika Dahan Bhadra Kaal)

Bhadra Purnima Tithi is starting on March 24 and will last till 11.13 pm. In such a situation, it would be auspicious to burn Holika only after the Bhadra period ends.

Can Holika Dahan be done in Bhadrapuchha also?

Apart from this, on March 24, Bhadramukh Kaal will be from 7:54 to 10:07 am and Bhadrapuchcha Kaal will be from 6:34 to 9:54 pm. Therefore, some people can abandon Bhadramukh and perform Holika Dahan during Bhadrapuchha period. According to the scriptures, it is auspicious to burn Holika only during the period without Bhadra, but under special circumstances, Holika Dahan can be done even during Bhadra Pucha.

Shadow of lunar eclipse on Holika Dahan?

Lunar eclipse
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On Holika Dahan 2024, the misconception is being spread that a lunar eclipse is about to occur. This time there is no lunar eclipse on Holi. The penumbral lunar eclipse that will occur will not be visible in India.

Therefore its Sutak period will also not be valid in India. Therefore, the practice of donating it etc. will also not be valid. Therefore, remove the fear of eclipse on Holi and enjoy the colors.

Method of Holika Dahan

  • Collect wood for Holika Dahan. After this, wrap them with raw cotton three or seven times.
  • After this, pour some Ganga water on all the woods and purify them. After this, worship them by sprinkling water, flowers and kumkum on them.
  • Use Roli Mala, Akshat, whole turmeric, gulal, coconut, batashe-jaggery in puja.
  • After this, worship Holika and then do at least 5 or 7 rounds of Holika.
  • Take special care that while worshiping Holika, your face should be towards east or north.

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