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Florida Considers Honoring Jimmy Buffett with ‘Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway’

Florida is considering a unique tribute to the late music legend Jimmy Buffett, with two bills unanimously passing in the state Senate over the weekend. If approved, parts of the iconic State Road A1A could be renamed “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway,” paying homage to the renowned artist who passed away last year at the age of 76.

1. A1A’s Connection to Jimmy Buffett:

  • Stretch of Highway: State Road A1A is a historic 340-mile highway, extending from Key West to Fernandina Beach near Jacksonville.
  • Geographical Significance: The proposed renaming would cover portions of A1A in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties, reflecting Buffett’s connection to these areas.

2. Bills Passed in the Legislature:

  • Unanimous Approval: The bills, unanimously approved in the Florida Legislature, aim to honor Jimmy Buffett’s legacy in the state.
  • Two Key Aspects: The first bill focuses on renaming sections of A1A, while the second bill introduces a new license plate design inspired by Buffett’s popular song “Margaritaville.”

3. Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway and License Plate:


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  • Symbolic Naming: The proposed highway name, “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway,” mirrors the title of Buffett’s fifth studio album.
  • License Plate Design: The new license plate design features the word “Margaritaville,” paying homage to Buffett’s famous song and his brand of restaurants, stores, and hotels.
  • Charitable Cause: Proceeds from the license plates would benefit the charity “Singing for Change,” founded by Buffett to aid hurricane victims.

4. Public Support and Key Statements:

  • Public Push: Residents express support for additional tributes, including renaming Key West International Airport after Jimmy Buffett.
  • Florida’s Essence: Republican state Senator Gayle Harrell notes that “Margaritaville is just what Florida is all about,” emphasizing Buffett’s representation of the state’s sun, beaches, and music.
5. Potential Renaming of Key West International Airport:
  • Community Initiative: Beyond the highway, there are calls to consider renaming Key West International Airport after Buffett.
  • Comprehensive Tribute: The airport’s potential new name would align with the proposed “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway.”


Florida’s contemplation of renaming portions of State Road A1A as “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway” and introducing a corresponding license plate design reflects the state’s desire to honor the legendary musician’s influence. These initiatives, coupled with the possibility of renaming the Key West International Airport, collectively constitute a comprehensive tribute to Buffett’s enduring impact on the cultural fabric of Florida.

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