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Emma Roberts Talks About Kissing Kim Kardashian on ‘American Horror Story’

Emma Roberts, known for her roles in ‘American Horror Story,’ recently discussed her experience kissing Kim Kardashian on the show’s 12th season. Despite the excitement surrounding the scene, Roberts described it as just another day at work.

The Kiss Scene

Kim Kardashian
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During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Roberts shared details about the kiss scene with Kardashian. She humorously recounted how Kardashian’s lip gloss ended up smudged all over her face during filming.

Behind the Scenes

Kim Kardashian

Roberts revealed that while the scene may appear intense on screen, the atmosphere on set was light-hearted, with both actresses laughing between takes. She mentioned the need for general cleaning due to the lip gloss mishap.

Sister’s Reaction

Emma Roberts

Roberts mentioned her sister’s surprise upon discovering the kiss in the trailer, emphasizing the unexpected nature of the revelation. Jimmy Fallon joined in the banter, highlighting the significance of kissing Kardashian without informing everyone.

Kim Kardashian’s Rol

In ‘American Horror Story: Delicate,’ Kardashian portrays entertainment businesswoman Siobhan Corbyn, while Roberts plays young actress Anna Victoria Alcott. The series received praise for Kardashian’s performance.


Despite the buzz surrounding the kiss scene, Emma Roberts downplayed its significance, attributing it to the routine nature of her work. However, the unexpected aftermath and her sister’s reaction added humor to the experience, highlighting the behind-the-scenes dynamics of filming.

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